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1. Prepare and process accounts payable invoices for payment and communicate with vendors.
2. Input invoices into financial system to facilitate ability of district staff to easily identify charges entered against their budgets via reports.
3. Verify data input, audit and balance accounts payable warrant prelist, prepare warrant authorization, and file paid invoices.
4. Audit sales and use tax on invoices for accuracy, correct over/under charges, notify vendors of incorrect rates, and recoup overpayments.
5. Maintain vendor master 1099 information, audit, prepare, and distribute 1099’s.
6. Maintain vendor and account master for utilization by sites. Identify and correct invalid existing information.
7. Maintain open purchase order database for custodial, grounds, maintenance, cafeteria staff, and assist Director of Facilities with purchase order generation.
8. Audit Purchase Order input for accuracy, research prior purchases for sites, assist with purchase price
comparison, and identify areas for cost reduction.

9. Maintain all district credit cards, process credit card purchases, audit statements for fraud, and process payments.
10. Maintain all district gas cards, audit and pay statements, route statements for approval and collection of receipts.
11. Maintain current and accurate database for leasehold equipment, process payments in accordance with lease terms, initiate buy‐out or change out upon lease end, and arrange for service and supplies in accordance with maintenance contracts.
12. Audit and process for payment employee incidental expenses, home hospital miles, student scholarships, lost payroll warrants, and student textbook refunds.
13. Assist all district employees with conference travel registration, airfare, lodging, and audit and reimburse travel expenditures.
14. Maintain database of utilities for all district sites, audit statements for fraud and reasonableness, identify and notify district staff of possible leaks or potential for fines, code invoices to bill tenants for their portion, and process for payment.
15. Maintain database for all district telephone land lines, cell lines, and data lines, audit statements for fraud and reasonableness, code invoices to bill tenants for their portion, and process for payment.
16. Audit Durham Transportation invoices for reasonableness, report discrepancies, and process for payment.

17. Audit and process for payment pre‐employment/employment fingerprinting, health screening, vaccination, and student drug and drug dog testing invoices.
18. Analyze, identify, streamline, and implement processes for cost improvements and time saving.
19. Assist with budget preparation utilizing accounts payable data.
20. Identification, preparation, and input of journal entries.
21. Answer phones and act as receptionist when necessary.
22. Assist with payroll and/or distribute payroll warrants when necessary.
23. Research, interpret, implement and recommend revisions to related Board Policy.
24. Must be able to meet and interact with employees and parents/guardians in routine situations, which require tact, discretion, and courtesy.

BENEFITS:  This position is covered by the Public Employee’s Retirement System (PERS) and contributions are tax deferred.  The district contributes towards the cost of a health and welfare package (medical, dental, vision, and life insurance in a cafeteria style plan).  This position is covered by a collective bargaining agreement.


Education &  Experience

High school diploma or equivalent. Formal accounting education preferred. Previous clerical and accounting experience necessary.

All classified job descriptions are available online at:

Salary wage: $19.27 to $27.68

Please apply at:

Minimum Education and Experience

Minimum Months of Experience: 12
Education Required: High School
Minimum Hourly Wage: 19.67
Maximum Hourly Wage: 27.68
Accessible by Public Transportation: No