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The current SUNSET POSITION is in the Department of Behavioral Health with an end date of 6/30/2026.  

SUNSET -An allocated position that is limited in duration to a particular period of time, usually because the funding source for the position is not ongoing.  For terms and conditions concerning the appointment of a Sunset employee, see the 2019 Adopted Personnel Rules.  


Under general supervision or direction, provides analytical assistance in the administration of assigned operations, programs, and projects including budget development, financial administration and reporting, grants, purchasing, contract administration, human resources, risk management, and training/staff development, management analysis, legislative analysis and regulatory compliance, and/or program analysis; researches and analyzes programmatic practices and procedures and makes recommendations for organizational, operational, policy, and procedural improvements; conducts needs analyses, feasibility studies, and evaluations for assigned projects, programs, divisions, and/or departments; and performs related duties as assigned.

FLSA Level I: Non-Exempt

FLSA Level II/III: Exempt


For full job description and how to apply:

This recruitment is for level I and II. The salary range for level I is $2152.00 -$2884.00 biweekly ($26.90 -$36.05 per hour). The salary range for level II is $2376.80 – $3185.60 biweekly ($29.71 – $39.82 per hour). 

Minimum Education and Experience

Minimum Months of Experience: 12
Education Required: Bachelor's
Driver's License Required: Yes
Minimum Hourly Wage: 26.90
Maximum Hourly Wage: 39.82
Accessible by Public Transportation: No