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  • Greet and assist all customers and visitors.
  • Answer phone calls, check email/voicemail, and deliver messages to appropriate

personnel and/or return calls, as needed.

  • Maintain the front office in a clean and orderly manner, including bathrooms, staff area,

laundry, filing spaces, visitation, and front lobby rooms.

  • Oversee the process and procedures for boarding.
  • Assist the Office Manager, Kennels Manager, and/or Fundraising Manager as needed.
  • Additional Duties as assigned.



  • Update, complete and maintain the necessary digital files and case records for each

rescue and boarding animal.

  • Be familiar with animals available for adoption and assist the Adoption Counselors and

Kennels Manager with appropriate adoption choices in safe, courteous, and responsive


  • Maintain a clean and presentable office space for staff and guests.
  • Assist with communicating with volunteers and bringing them an appropriate animal.
  • Maintain the necessary adoption materials for both on-site and off-site adoptions.
  • Work cooperatively with office and kennels staff to provide optimal care for dogs.
  • Additional Duties as assigned.



  • Allergic conditions aggravated when handling or working with animals may be a


  • Ability to lift and move objects and animals weighing up to 25 pounds for short distances

and to humanely restrain an animal when necessary.



  • Minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent.



  • The Administrative Assistant works closely with the Office Manager and Kennels


  • Must be able to work effectively with the Marketing and Development Manager to

market/promote the animals up for adoption.



  • Affection for animals, concern for their welfare and a willingness to accommodate

animals in the workplace.

  • Computer skills.
  • Ability to communicate skillfully and effectively with staff, volunteers, and the

community in a professional, pleasant, respectful, courteous, and tactful manner at all

times. Show maturity, good judgement, and professional personal appearance at all times.

  • Experience in caring for and handling animals in a safe, effective and humane manner is

a plus.


HOURS: NON-EXEMPT POSITION: Reporting hours for this position will be 8am-4pm,

Thursday through Saturday, with a half hour lunch break each day, for 22.5 total hours per week.

To apply for this position, please send your resume and a statement of interest to the Office Manager


Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: High School
Hiring Requirements for This Job:
  • Background Checks
  • Minimum Hourly Wage: 16
    Maximum Hourly Wage: 16

    About High Sierra Animal Rescue

    High Sierra Animal Rescue is a no-kill rescue that opened in May of 1999. We have 17 rescue kennels, 21 boarding kennels, and have placed over 4,500 animals into loving, permanent homes. Animals that are taken into our care receive love and attention from our trained personnel, medical help as required based on their previous environment or living conditions, behavioral assessment, socialization and obedience skills if needed, and a safe temporary home.
    We work with 16-20 dogs at a time and do a complete assessment as part of our screening process. We focus on how the animals react to their environment, children, other animals, and life style. After the assessment is complete, we develop a plan and begin training. Our animals are not released for adoption until they have successfully completed this process.
    Everyone associated with the facility is an animal lover and experienced animal professional or trained volunteer. Most of our crew and board members have adopted animals from the rescue. Some of our volunteers become Foster Parents and take animals home on a temporary basis as part of the re-integration program for neglected or abused animals. We provide responsible adoption services to those seeking pets to insure compatibility between animal and owner.
    As a non-profit organization, we pride ourselves in providing exemplary care that is balanced with fiduciary responsibility. The kindness and generosity of our volunteers, members, adopters, and donors is the key to our success. Our goal is to increase our ability to help more animals so DONATIONS from animal loving, caring people are always needed and appreciated. When animals find a loving permanent home, we know we have made a difference. Our gratitude goes to all our Donors. They make it possible.