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Department 59 Almond Production

Title of Position: Almond Production Operator

Immediate Supervisor: Shift Supervisor

FLSA: Non-exempt

In Case of Absence: Alternate from packing line will assume shift responsibilities.

Safety and Plant Policies & Regulations

• Understand and comply with Cal-Osha regulations and Company policies as they pertain to the safety of all employees.

• Read, understand and acknowledge company policies as written in the Employee Handbook.

• All employees are required to adhere to all Food Safety requirements and programs including but not limited to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), Food Defense and Allergen Programs. Food safety training will be completed a minimum of once a year.


It is the operator’s primary responsibility to work as a team with the other members of their department to complete customer orders on time and according to customer expectations, as directed by their supervisor while maintaining employee and food safety.

Key Duties:

• Almond Operator must clock in at the time of shift and report to appropriate work area promptly.

• Almond Operator must fill out pre-operation check list daily for his/her forklift, Laser and/or sizer at the start of the shift. Operator must keep in constant contact with their supervisor as well with maintenance to ensure equipment is running at maximum capacity and correctly.

• The operator’s main responsibility is to operate the various pieces of equipment in the Almond processing plant under the supervision and direction of the almond supervisor and/or manager. This can include but is not limited to; the lasers, the sizer, the inshell packing line, the bulk packing line, forklifts, scales and other pieces of equipment as necessary.

• Must be certified on a forklift and comply with all safety regulations. Must be trained in lift safety and pedestrian safety.

• Must be comfortable with a computer, scale and inventory tracking by lot and will weigh and tag bins accurately.

• Operators will be responsible to accurately and correctly maintain inventory during production runs and report any issues to their supervisor for immediate reconciliation.

• Operators will be expected to understand the basics of the laser operations (set-up, basic function and adjustments, and how to shut it down). With the direction of their supervisor, obtain the ability to learn what bins need to be run and when to report issues.

• Operators will be responsible to understand the basics of operating the Almond sizer (turning on, basic adjustments including speed, vacuum table separation, etc) as well as when to report problems to their supervisor and/or maintenance.

• Operators will be responsible to understand the basic operation of both the inshell packing line and kernel bulk packing line. They will be responsible to know how to set up both lines and shut them down when needed.

• Operators will be important employees in identifying any food safety, product quality or human safety issues.

• Using a forklift, must be willing to move, stack and maneuver bins weighing in excess of 2,000lbs in various conditions and locations throughout the facility.

• Must have open availability and must be willing to work various shifts, seven days a week to reach their 40 hours or more during busy times to meet customers shipping deadlines.

• Responsible for reporting anything out of compliance with regulation to their supervisor or the Production Manager.

• Responsible for blowing off their forklift keeping it clean and communicating when their lift must be serviced with supervisor and office staff.

• Must be able to communicate effectively with their supervisor and/or management about all aspects of their job.

• Responsible for the day to day cleaning and sanitation of their machines, as needed. Including but not limited to, blowing the machines down, sweeping up the floors, wiping the laser lenses, etc.

• Must understand how to troubleshoot the Printer and change out labels.

• Responsible for reporting any injuries or concerns that may take place while on shift.

• Other duties as assigned.

To Apply:

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: None