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Beacon LTE Operation Administrator Job Description:

Starting wage: $17 to $19 per hour.


  • Be Comfortable with selling Beacon Service (upgrading customer from IDU to ODU)
  • Learn the variety of Plans available from all Suppliers (AT&T, CEN (Carthage Electronic Network), Miles Out, Fast Voip, ISP Wholesale Network
  • Be familiar with all Beacon plans offered by ShastaBeam.

  • Learn all Processes for adding Beacon Customers to Portal
  • Learn how to Enter new customers and manage Freeside
  • Become familiar with setting up Installs and Service Calls in Portal
  • Become familiar with setting up Service Calls in Portal
  • Become familiar with processing Sim Card and Equipment Swaps
  • Daily Reconciliation of all Beacon Work.


  • Learn how to add new customers and manage accounts in Freeside
  • Ability to Charge a customer’s credit card in Freeside
  • Add/Change Freeside Packages


  • Get to know all Suppliers
  • Manage ordering Sim Cards
  • Know Equipment Vendors and the Equipment


  • Order outdoor and indoor equipment
  • Order sim cards from various vendors
  • Log and track inventory (assign equipment & sim cards to customers in Access)
  • Receive and process Sim Cards and Equipment into Portal.  Reconcile with Quickbooks

Activate Sim cards: 

  • Working with various vendors on activating sim cards.
  • Learning and accessing the vendors activation portals.

Prepares Beacon units for the field.

  • Logs data into the portal
  • Ensures Sim card is Activated and equipment is prepared for the technicians.
  • Shipping active Sim Cards and Equipment to customers as needed.
  • Crimp Ethernet Cables

Sim Card Maintenance:

  • Deactivating sim cards
  • Transferring sim cards (transferring into another customer’s name)
  • Refreshing sim cards (data usage issues)
  • Reconcile bills from vendors

Beacon Equipment Maintenance:

  • Conduct Factory Resets
  • Firmware updates
  • RMA (return/fix defective/broken equipment)

BECentral Maintenance: 

  • Assign equipment to customers in BECentral (new customers & customers that we swapped equipment)

Data Usage Reports: 

  • Set up Data usage access for customers per request.
  • Run Data Usage reports per request.

Cancelations/Equipment Retrievals:

  • Process equipment returns and prepares the equipment to go back into inventory.
  • Process Sim Card returns prepare them for inventory or deactivate them

Tier 1 and Tier 3 Beacon Tickets: 

  • Receive all Beacon related technical support calls during operational hours.
  • Resolve all Tier 1 and Tier 3 tickets for the Beacon service.
  • Assist walk in Beacon customers with their Tier 1 and Tier 3 issues.

Experience, knowledge and Job Requirements : 

Has a hunger to stays on the cutting edge of LTE, Hot Spot technology

Pays attention to detail

Great customer service skills

Great appearance

Has a technical background

Additional job duties: 

Add new Beacon customers to BEC, Edit Customer, remove customers

Ordering inventory (Sim Cards and Beacon Equipment)

Suspending customers, throttling ETC

Fluent in Freeside

Fluent with Portal

Fluent with

Fluent with

Fluent with AT&T Portal

Fluent with ISP Wholesale Network

Become familiar with Basic Networking Topics such as:

  • DHCP
  • Subnets
  • NAT
  • Ping/Traceroute
  • VPN

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: None
Minimum Hourly Wage: $17.00
Maximum Hourly Wage: $19.00