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Maintain and repair equipment and machinery. Perform troubleshooting and root cause analysis on equipment failures. Ensure building integrity and safety. Monitor and maintain building systems, including plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. Perform preventative maintenance on equipment and machinery. Maintain accurate maintenance records and generate reports as needed. Collaborate with other departments to ensure production goals are met. Continuously improve plant facilities and operations for increased efficiency. Adhere to all safety and environmental regulations. Assist with training other personnel on equipment maintenance and repair. Food/Beverage manufacturing facility experience a plus.

Ability to lift 50 lbs, must be at least 18 years of age

Minimum Education and Experience

Minimum Months of Experience: 60
Education Required: None
Hiring Requirements for This Job:
  • Reference Check
  • Minimum Hourly Wage: 25.00
    Maximum Hourly Wage: 30.00