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BFFY Youth JobCorp Program

Bright Futures for Youth (BFFY) is providing a one year paid internship for the role of Basic Needs Assistant to support youth with clothing and food needs. This is an ideal position for a person who is new to the non-profit and/or social services field and is eager to learn how to work on projects that directly benefit youth and families in need while maintaining their dignity.

No previous experience is necessary, as the applicant will work closely with Special Programs Director and receive training in a variety of skills and responsibilities to become an integral part of our clothing and food programs. This is a part-time, non-exempt internship position for one year and is supervised by the Special Programs Director.


This position plays both support and leadership roles in BFFY’s food pantry and clothing programs. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Clothing Closet

· Sorting and organizing clothing donations

· Examine items for any defects including holes, stains, or other issues

· Launder dirty items, prepare rejected goods for proper disposal

· Keeping the clothing closet area clean and organized

· Assisting youth with picking out clothing if needed

· Performing inventory on hygiene products, socks and underwear so more can be ordered when needed

· Other duties as assigned

Food Pantry

· Keep pantry clean and organized

· Ensure shelves are well-stocked, and that there are bags of “ready to eat” foods ready to distribute

· Help youth and families “shop” for food or grab “ready to eat” bags

· Ensure accurate record keeping in accordance with the Kitchen and Nutrition Manager’s direction

· Other duties as assigned

Cinderella Project

· Sorting and organizing formal wear donations

· Examine items for any defects including holes, stains, or other issues

· Launder dirty items, prepare rejected goods for proper disposal

· Help keep project site clean, organized and visually appealing

· Go through inventory a few times a year and remove items that are out of date, in disrepair, etc.

· Assist in organizing community events. This will include creating flyers, planning events, coordinating snacks and drinks, decorations, working the events, clean up after events, etc.

· Other duties as assigned

· Working alongside and guiding our BFFY volunteers.


· A love of fashion and clothing

· Attention to detail, ability to multi-task and follow up

· Ability to sort, fold, hang, and organize clothing

· Ability to stand in one place, twist and bend repeatedly for long periods

· Ability to connect with our clients, make them feel welcome, comfortable, empowered

· Ability to lift 30 lbs. safely, possibly multiple times a day

· Because this is a grant-funded internship, the grant requires that the intern be between the ages of 16 and 30.

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: None
Driver's License Required: Yes
Minimum Hourly Wage: 16
Maximum Hourly Wage: 18

About Bright Futures for Youth

Bright Futures for Youth is a community-focused nonprofit organization committed to addressing the ever-changing needs of youth, from sixth-graders to those in their mid-20s in Nevada County.

Teens and adolescents face many challenges and many changes that are part of growing up. It’s a time to figure out who they are, what they value and hope to achieve. A little extra support, tools and resources along the way can make a big difference and help youth overcome obstacles. There certainly are more challenges today than when we started in 1995.

Bright Futures for Youth, created by the merger of The Friendship Club and NEO in summer 2020, has three programs to address the issues and help youth in numerous ways, from after-school programs and a drop-in Youth Center to ensuring access to services. Our focus areas are health and wellness, healthy relationships, goal setting, self-awareness, self-sufficiency and community connectedness.

We’re about helping youth today to ensure a better future for tomorrow.

Accessible by Public Transportation: Yes