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Are looking for a fun and exciting career? CDFW has a Seasonal Aid job opening at Mount Shasta
Hatchery. You can expect to fulfill your day performing daily fish hatchery duties that include
feeding fish, cleaning raceway, stocking fish, spawning fish and shipping eggs across the State.
You will assist permanent staff with a variety of fisheries related activities including, but not
limited to: flow/density assessments, genetic tissue sampling, triploiding and diploiding, photo
period, collect gametes for cryopreservation, and assist with the care of eggs and fish at various
stages of development in hatchery incubators, troughs, tanks, ponds and raceways.
Provide general care and maintenance to facility grounds and vehicles consisting of, but not
limited to mowing lawns, raking leaves, weed removal, trimming shrubs, trees and bushes and
shoveling snow and/or dirt, dispose of hatchery garbage (residences and facility). Vehicle and
equipment maintenance and service, cleaning buildings and offices, minor hatchery and
residence construction.
Operation of fish/pond crowders, fish pumps, ATV (required certification provided), forklift
(required certification provided), tractors, lawn mowers, weed eaters, snowplow, snow blower,
and fish planting trucks. All specialized training is provided.
Assist in selecting, sorting and spawning various kinds of trout broodstock. Assist in fish planting;
carry buckets of fish for distribution at various locations along local mountain streams, rivers,
lakes, and reservoirs. Pick and pack trout eggs to be distributed throughout the California State
Hatchery System. Assist in training of new Seasonal Aid employees. Assist management and lead
persons with inmate crews as they assist in projects on the facility.
Please see the Duty Statement for specific duties and functions.
Need help understanding the hiring process? We’d love to talk to you! Please contact and include the Job Control number in the subject title.

Physical strength and agility; ability to lift 40 pounds; ability to swim 50 yards and stay afloat at least five (5) minutes. Driver's License number and expiration date.

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: High School
Driver's License Required: Yes
Minimum Hourly Wage: 15.00

About CA Department of Fish and Wildlife

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Department of Fish and Wildlife employees
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California’s diverse wildlife and the habitats
upon which they depend.
California is one of the most biodiverse
places on the planet. As such, The
Department of Fish and Wildlife values
diverse employees working together to
protect nature for all Californians. CDFW is
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and personal experiences can thrive and
connect others to our critical mission.
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