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California Climate Action Corps Full-Time Fellowship

Climate Action Fellow at Siskiyou Land Trust

POSITION LOCATION: Mount Shasta, California

TERM OF SERVICE: Full-time; serve 1700+ hours from September 16, 2024 – August 15, 2025

TIME COMMITMENT: Serve 40 hours per week, Monday – Friday, approximately 9am – 5pm, with occasional evening and weekend commitments based on project needs.

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California Climate Action Corps (CCAC) is a Governor’s initiative national service program led by California Volunteers, Office of the Governor and implemented by Bay Area Community Resources (BACR) dedicated to advancing climate actions that engage community members, cultivate change, and leave a lasting impact.

CCAC is part of a larger statewide initiative to address the climate crisis by placing emerging leaders with public agencies, nonprofits, tribal communities, and educational institutions to mobilize communities through volunteer engagement, climate action, and education service projects focused on urban greening, organic waste and edible food recovery, and wildfire resiliency.

Selected Fellows will serve 1700+ hours as AmeriCorps members over approximately eleven months, supporting community volunteer engagement, climate action, or education projects in vulnerable communities across the state. CCAC meets Californians where they are and provides meaningful opportunities for everyone to take climate action. For more information, please visit: (


Siskiyou Land Trust (SLT)—founded 1993—is a community based non-profit organization that protects and stewards open space, farmlands, forests, wildlands, and waterways throughout Siskiyou County. Over the past 30 years SLT has grown to conserve more than30,000 acres through direct ownership of lands and conservation easements. Stewardship projects include forest stewardship for wildfire resiliency, community garden and edible greenway programs, and urban meadow restoration in the heart of the City of Mt. Shasta. SLT has a robust core of volunteers that help care for the lands Siskiyou Land Trust manages.


Siskiyou Land Trust (SLT) is seeking 3 Climate Action Fellows to play a pivotal role in the implementation of transformative projects aimed at enhancing wildfire resilience and restoring urban green spaces in and around Mt. Shasta City. These initiatives will mobilize local volunteers to reduce forest fuel loads, bolster native habitats, and revitalize community green areas. Fellows will actively engage with volunteers, lead restoration efforts, and contribute to educational events, fostering environmental stewardship and climate resilience throughout the region. From implementing forest management techniques to organizing educational workshops and community events, this opportunity offers hands-on experience in environmental conservation, community engagement, and forestry management. Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Engage and mobilize community volunteers to implement demonstration plots showcasing various forest management techniques for reducing forest fuels and enhancing wildfire resilience
  • Design and develop interpretive signage for demonstration plots, defensible space, and home hardening to educate the communityon climate resilience and sustainable forest management
  • Recruit, train, and coordinate volunteers in land stewardship activities—including trail and boardwalk maintenance, invasive species removal, native tree planting, pollinator habitat renewal, and community garden and orchard greenway expansion
  • Facilitate educational events, workshops—including restoration, garden, and meadow projects—to engage schools and the community in environmental education, climate-resilience strategies, forest health, and land stewardship
  • Assist SLT staff in organizing and facilitating nature walk educational series to promote environmental awareness and stewardship
  • Track program data and analyze results to quantify climate impact
  • Participation in training not to exceed 20% (340-hours) of total service hours
  • Fellow duties will not include any prohibited or unallowable activities per 45 CFR § 2520.65
  • Fellow duties will not supplant, duplicate, or displace staff as outlined in 45 CFR § 2540.100 (e)-(f)


  • Live in California by August 16, 2024
  • Must be age 18 or older by September 16, 2024
  • Must possess a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Must be a US Citizen, US National, or lawful US resident to participate


Experience in Volunteer Engagement, Event Coordination, Environmental Education, Community Outreach, Field Experience—specifically in fuel reduction, invasive species removal, wildlife monitoring, and habitat restoration, Public Speaking/Facilitation, Volunteer Management, Event Planning and be willing and able to work outside in various weather and terrain. Other valuable contributions include:

  • An interest in climate change mitigation, volunteerism, or public service
  • Experience with outreach, education, training, or community behavior change
  • Fundamental understanding of climate change science, environmental policies in California, and/or environmental priorities
  • Excellent organizational, writing, interpersonal, and speaking skills


Siskiyou Land Trust offers an enriching environment for meaningful engagement aimed at conserving and nurturing the lands we love. Joining SLT provides unique opportunities for professional growth, mentorship, and skill development in community activism, ecological conservation, environmental education, and forestry management, guided by dedicated staff and volunteers who share your passion. Other benefits include:

  • Receive up to $33,000 stipend (before taxes) distributed evenly over the 11-month service term
  • Earn up to $10,000 in education awards (before taxes and upon completion of 1700 hours)
  • Participation in 170-340 hours of training and professional development
  • Receive food assistance via CalFresh (for those eligible)
  • Forbearance on existing qualifying student loans and interest payments accrued during the service term
  • Minimum essential healthcare coverage
  • Childcare assistance (for those eligible)


As the program implementation lead, Bay Area Community Resources (BACR) is responsible for the member’s (Fellow’s) recruitment and placement at the Host Partner Site listed above. BACR is the Implementing Agency that manages the Fellows’ payroll and benefits. We cultivate an environment that encourages fairness, teamwork, and respect among all employees and National Service members.

We are firmly committed to maintaining an atmosphere in which people of diverse backgrounds and lifestyles may grow personally and professionally. Therefore, we enthusiastically accept our responsibility to make decisions without regard to race, religion or religious creed, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, marital status, medical condition, disability, military service, pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions, or any other classification protected by federal, state, or local laws or ordinances.

Our management team is dedicated to ensuring the fulfillment of this equal opportunity policy with respect to hiring, placement, promotion, transfer, demotion, layoff, termination, recruitment advertising, pay, and other forms of compensation, training, and general treatment during a Fellow’s term of service.

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Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: High School
Driver's License Required: Yes
Minimum Hourly Wage: 18.00
Maximum Hourly Wage: 20.00