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CASA Program Manager
24 hours per week; At Will Employee. May be combined with another PCIRC position for a 40
hour per week position at the discretion of the Executive Director and The Board of Directors.


The CASA Program Manager is principally responsible for providing
support to CASA Volunteers, ensuring that children assigned to the CASA program receive
appropriate advocacy services. The CASA Program Manager is responsible for Volunteer
training and supervision and for the coordination of cases.


QUALIFICATIONS: The CASA Program Manager should have the following skills and
I. Bachelor’s degree in human service-related field or equivalent combination of education
and experience demonstrating the required knowledge, skills, and abilities to carry out
the responsibilities of the CASA Program Manager;
II. The ability to communicate with, supervise and empower CASA Volunteers to be
effective in their roles–experience with Volunteers is preferred;
III. The ability to work cooperatively with different types of personalities and individuals of
diverse racial/economic/cultural backgrounds;
IV. Knowledge and understanding of issues and dynamics within families relating to child
abuse and neglect; knowledge of child development;
V. Excellent oral and written communication skills;
VI. Highly organized, self-motivated, team player;
VII. The ability to coordinate and implement training;
VIII. Ability to work and partner with local agencies and county offices, including, but not
limited, Courts, District Attorney, Social Services, CPS, etc.
IX. Basic knowledge of computers and word processing; and
X. Commitment to Plumas CASA’s mission, program goals and the mission of PCIRC.


1. Leads the recruitment and screening potential CASA Volunteer candidates. Responds to
inquiries regarding the CASA program and PCIRC in general, and disseminates program
information, application procedures and applications to potential CASA Volunteer
a. Reviews applications, including references and all required record
b. Conducts pre-training personal interviews to assess level of skills and
qualifications of potential CASA candidates;
c. Participates in staff evaluation of Volunteer candidates for purposes of
trainee selection;
d. Evaluates and monitors Volunteer recruitment with direction from the
Executive Director;
e. Enters all relevant data into the CASA Management system database.
2. Arranges pre-service CASA training class schedule in accordance with Plumas CASA’s
approved curriculum:
a. Schedules class speakers and disseminate training schedule to all
speakers and class participants;
b. Produces PCASA training manual & all required handouts;
c. Obtains facility, supplies and refreshments
d. Facilitates training classes;
e. Observes and evaluate applicants’ class attendance and participation to
assess acceptability as CASA Volunteers;
f. Evaluates and monitor training program;
g. Enters all relevant data into the CASA Management system database.
3. Arranges monthly in-service training opportunities for CASA volunteers:
a. Schedules outside speakers for in-service training classes each year;
b. Schedules at least 5 annual in-service training opportunities designed to
provide case staffing/sharing/support between CASA volunteers;
c. Obtains facility, supplies and refreshments;
d. Facilitates in-service classes.
4. Provides supervision and support of Volunteers throughout the course of each case.
5. Develops and guides Plumas CASA Advisory Board including monthly Board Meetings
and Trainings.
6. Provides monthly reports to the PCIRC Board of Directors as specified by the Executive
7. Screens and assigns all cases referred to Plumas CASA:
a. Screens all cases using case priority assessment;
b. Sets up individual Volunteer and office case files;
c. Assigns cases to appropriate Volunteer according to the needs of the
case and special skills or knowledge of the Volunteer.
8. Supervises and supports Volunteers;
a. Maintains up-to-date case and Volunteer personnel files in appropriate
b. Assists Volunteers to develop case plans;
c. Remains available to assigned Volunteers for individual supervision with a
minimum of two Program Manager contact every week for new Volunteers
and two formal Program Manager contact every month for experienced
d. Attends court hearings;
e. Ensures adequate case coverage during absence of Volunteer or during
process of case reassignment;
f. Maintains schedule of all court dates, and reviews, files and delivers court
reports in a timely manner.
9. Evaluates Volunteers:
a. Oversees 6-month self-assessment for each Volunteer;
b. Conducts annual evaluation for each assigned Volunteer;
c. Maintains up-to-date personnel file for each Volunteer.
10.Performs additional duties as assigned by the Executive Director including, but not
limited to:
a. Provides Family Treatment Court and/or Multidisciplinary Team staffing;
b. Provides office coverage;
c. Prepares articles for the Plumas CASA grants and materials;
d. Assists in presentations about the CASA program to recruit Volunteers
and increase community awareness;
e. Serves as a liaison to community agencies and spokesperson for Plumas
f. Assists in maintaining and compiling data regarding children and
Volunteers for quarterly and annual reports;
g. Assists in financial record-keeping duties in accordance with Financial
h. Participates in program staff meetings;
i. Participates in program evaluation;
j. Pursues professional development opportunities as time and funding
permits, with a goal of 20 hours per year;
k. Maintains knowledge of current significant theory, literature, and
l. Synthesizes and transmits current knowledge to Volunteers;
m. Participates in CASA Network and State sponsored training and meetings
when relevant to Volunteer training and management
n. Other functions as directed.


Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: Bachelor's
Driver's License Required: Yes
Minimum Hourly Wage: 17
Maximum Hourly Wage: 20

About Plumas Crisis Intervention & Resource Center

Plumas Crisis Intervention & Resource Center (PCIRC) was incorporated in 1983, beginning as a grassroots organization to provide a crisis line for Plumas County, and is a private, non-profit organization.