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Administrative duties

Medical assistants are responsible for performing a range of administrative tasks, including:

  • Managing office telephone systems, including answering calls and returning messages
  • Scheduling patient appointments and maintaining communication to confirm future appointments
  • Documenting patients’ medical information, including medical history and health insurance information
  • Performing data entry tasks to document patient records within facility databases and maintaining patient files
  • Coordinating daily office activities, greeting patients and checking patients in and out for their appointments

Clinical duties

Medical assistants may be responsible for performing a variety of clinical tasks, depending on the size and needs of their workplace. Some common clinical tasks these professionals do can include:

  • Recording patients’ vital signs, documenting physicians’ notes and changes in medical conditions
  • Taking tissue and fluid samples and sending them in for laboratory analysis
  • Prepping exam rooms for clinical procedures and assisting practitioners with patient care
  • Assisting physicians during routine checkups, outpatient procedures and other physical exams
  • Monitoring and documenting patient symptoms for physicians’ review during clinical exams
  • Providing compassionate patient support and care, attention and assistance during office visits
  • Preparing and administering medications under the direction of supervising physicians

Required experience

  • Must be a Certified Medical Assistant from an accredited school
  • Proficiency in administrative tasks
  • Basic understanding of clinical tasks
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Familiarity with digital record systems

Starting Wage Range: $17.00-$18.00

How to Apply: please send resume to Include “CMA” in the subject line.

CMA certification required

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: Vocational Certificate
Hiring Requirements for this Job:
  • Background Checks
  • About Mangrove Medical Group

    Primary and clinic care facility

    Accessible by Public Transportation: Yes