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Red Bluff, CA


Salary: $17 – $19

Looking for meaningful work and valuable experience working with children in the mental health field?

Remi Vista is currently recruiting Child Rehabilitation Specialists to work one-to-one with youth with special emotional needs in schools, home, and community. Services include skills-building, school aide, case management, therapeutic behavioral services, and intensive home based services. Position begins part-time but full-time hours may be available and could lead to full-time, benefited position.

Who We Are:
Established in 1969 as a rural residential treatment program for a handful of inner city teenagers, Remi Vista has grown and developed into a youth and family service provider with offices in five North State regions. Our many programs touch the lives of children from birth to young adulthood, families in crises including those struggling with the challenges of autism and developmental disabilities. Our services include, group homes, transitional housing programs, school-based and clinic-based mental health services, wraparound programs, supported living for developmentally disabled adults and crisis support services for children with autism.

Our Purpose:
Remi Vista exists to give individuals exactly the support they need to continue on their own paths toward personal meaning and wholeness.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to enter into the lives of people who are stuck or lost and help them find their own avenues to fulfillment. We call ourselves ‘Ambassadors of Hope’.

Our Philosophy:
Life is good — and it can be very difficult at times. None of us can do it alone because life is bigger than any individual person. We need each other sometimes to help us find our way through some of these bigger things such as being family, dealing with tragedy, or pursuing our dreams. Remi Vista, Inc. was founded on the principle that there is meaning in life even when life seems utterly meaningless and void of hope. We believe that meaning is relational and that we can make our greatest difference in this world by engaging individuals at the point where they are lost or stuck and by walking with them as they search for their own paths toward healing and wholeness. All of our services are designed to create opportunities for relational encounters that result in personal freedom and transformation. We recognize that such encounters only happen when we address people as equally human and when we can see things the way they see them. We relentlessly strive for excellence in our abilities to create these relational opportunities, especially for people who have been hurt or traumatized and for people of diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences.

Bachelor’s degree in related field required, although exceptions can be made with enough relevant experience.

All staff must pass physical, drug screen, and have valid driver’s license and full use of vehicle.

Please apply at

There you can submit your resume, cover letter, and specific availability.

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: None

About REMI Vista

Remi Vista, Inc. is a private, nonprofit corporation that provides therapeutic services for youth and families who have either been placed in out-of-home care or who are considered to be at risk for such placement. We are licensed by the Department of Social Services to provide group home, foster care, and transitional housing placement programs. We are also contracted as an Organizational Provider of specialty mental health services with many counties in California.