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Water and wastewater treatment plant and system operators typically do the following: Add chemicals, such as ammonia or chlorine, to disinfect water or other liquids. Operate equipment to purify and clarify water or to process or dispose of sewage. Clean and maintain equipment, tanks, filter beds, and other work areas.  Ideal applicant would have experience in repairing and maintaining water and wastewater distribution lines, maintaining waste water and water equipment such as pumps and aerators. Capabilities of operating various equipment such as hydro flusher, backhoe and other construction equipment as needed. Training and certification provided by the City Of Loyalton.  EOE

Minimum Education and Experience

Minimum Months of Experience: 12
Education Required: Vocational Certificate
Driver's License Required: Yes
Hiring Requirements for this Job:
  • Drug Testing / Screening
  • Background Checks
  • Reference Check
  • Motor Vehicle Record Check
  • Physical
  • About City of Loyalton

    Loyalton lives proudly in the southeastern rim of Sierra Valley, the largest alpine valley in the U.S. From Loyalton, the valley sweeps to the north and west with miles of hayfields, cattle, and dozens of historic barns, Many date back to the 1800s. Behind Loyalton is a cluster of hills that top off at Sardine Peak. The Verdi Range lies to the east and forms the last bastion of the Sierra Nevada before it tumbles into Nevada’s Great Basin. It is the only city in Sierra County. The rural highways and several county roads offer paved mountain bike routes around and through the valley. Many biking fundraiser are held in Sierra Valley. Sierra Valley is a must for true road bike enthusiasts, and mountain bikers are discovering the fun, primitive valley roads and pine-covered ridges to the north.

    Accessible by Public Transportation: No