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Position encompasses care of patients from intake through check out. Assisting physician or
mid-level provider, typing, telephone triage, chart organization and filing, care of equipment, care of the environment in the clinic, insurance authorizations, referrals, computer data entry.

Physical Requirements: Physical strength to lift at least 45 pounds and safely assist with
positioning patients on a 4-foot-high table. Good visual and auditory skills for observation and vital signs. Must be able to bend, stretch, walk, and spend long hours standing and sitting.
Ability to reach overhead with arms held high and with good balance.
Education/Licensure: Current certification for Medical Assistant preferred, current CPR card,
and California Driver License. CPR shall not lapse. Employee will alert the department
supervisor if he/she has need of any specific training related to job performance and patient
safety. Responsible for attending all hospital-wide mandatory nursing meetings and in-service educational programs. May be asked to assist in orientation of new employees.

Skills: Pleasant and clear telephone voice with good knowledge of the English language. Clear, correct written work. Good spelling skills. Computer skills preferred. Office procedures
knowledge preferred. Must be compatible with clinic physicians and other practitioners.
The ideal applicant is someone who enjoys working with people of all ages and has an
accepting, non-judgmental approach to care of patients from diverse cultures and lifestyles.
Prefer applicant with ambulatory care or medical office experience or a well-motivated selfstarter who is willing to learn.

Responsible to: Physician or mid-level provider during the day to day clinic patient care
activities. Responsible to the Clinic Manager with regard to clinic policies and safety procedures. Responsible to the Chief Nursing Officer through the Clinic Manager for hospital-wide policies and procedures.
Interrelationships: Must be self-motivated and able to function independently to make patient care decisions for the safety of patients and co-workers. Personally responsible for maintaining continuing education and training as outlined by hospital policies.

1. Assists with checking patients in as needed. Helps with patient admission forms and
other chart related paperwork.
2. Answers telephone calls. Triages calls and uses expertise to answer patient questions and
make appropriate referrals for care or treatment as needed.
3. Assists in setting up charts; filing labs, x-rays, reports, etc. as needed. Pulls charts for
scheduled appointments if needed.
4. Performs receptionist functions when clinic receptionist is not available.
5. Keeps recalls up-to-date by calling patients for needed labs, tests, or visits per recall file list. These include but are not limited to pap smears, mammograms, follow up labs, and
6. Schedules patients for clinic. Sets up new charts and obtains medical record numbers.
Makes return appointments. Assists clinic staff and physicians as needed.
a Keeps schedule up-to-date. Calls no-shows and reschedules.
b. Calls to confirm patient appointments for next day’s schedule.
7. Obtains pertinent information about the patient when the appointment is scheduled with
regard to the need for a translator if the patient does not speak English. Helps to arrange
for a translator for patients when necessary.
8. Ensures that the parent or guardian is with minors under 18 years of age when they come
in for care or that the young person has the appropriate consent signed for care with them
when they come in to be seen.
9. Greets patients and determines their needs. Obtains and verifies all information required
for medical chart and billing purposes. Ensures collection of Medi-Cal cards, private
insurance information, and low income verification. Clarifies patient responsibility for
10. Assists patients that are unable to read to fill out needed intake forms.
11. Obtains TARS, referrals, and authorizations required by insurance companies.

1. Keeps tables and work spaces clean and orderly by maintaining ongoing medical asepsis.
2. Orders needed equipment and replacements to assure that stock is adequate for patient
3. Makes sure that equipment is in working order. Alerts Lake Almanor Clinic Office
Manager if equipment needs repair.
4. Understands the principles of aseptic technique and maintains all instruments in a clean
condition after use and takes instruments to Central Processing for sterilization.
5. Sets up and maintains sterile field for procedures.
6. Monitors all supplies and equipment and drug out-dates, so the new supplies or
equipment will be ordered in a timely manner and out of date drugs will not be used.
7. Orders drugs as needed from the Drug Room Supervisor. Coordinates orders with
8. Keeps refrigerator temperature logs and maintains cleanliness of refrigerator and
defrosts when needed.

1. Assists as needed with checking patients in, organizing paper work, and putting patients in rooms.
2. Does vital signs, height, weight, short history of patient’s reason for visit or complaint, and records them correctly.
3. Escorts patients out and cleans rooms as

1. May do Snellen eye chart exam, Audiometry, and other specialized clinic testing as
2. Understands local health care programs, including C.H.D.P. and B.C.E.D.P.
3. Prepares patients for various examinations and procedures and sets up appropriate
equipment and trays as needed.
4. Graphs heights and weights accurately for each pediatric visit.
5. Maintains patient comfort and privacy at all times.
6. Instruct patients in preps for various x-ray procedures.
7. Schedules labs, x-rays, tests, and revisits as needed.
8. Maintains follow up log for patient recall for pap smears, mammograms, immunizations,
and C.H.D.P. examinations.
9. Collects and labels specimens as needed. Takes specimens to laboratory using bio-hazard
bags and proper glove technique.
10. Prepares all forms for specimen transport as needed by getting accurate and current
patient information.
11. Assists with patient referrals to other community agencies or specialists as needed.
12. Does all other requested direct patient care as needed within scope of practice.

1. Assists physician or mid-level provider in call backs to patients and contributes to Quality
Improvement (Q.I.) by attending clinic Q.I. meetings and generally assists through
suggestions and activities in the ongoing improvement of patient care.
2. Responsible for maintaining a high level of personal job knowledge by attending in-service programs, keeping professional reading current as it relates to patient care, and specifying personal and professional goals to improve job performance.
3. Personally and professionally responsible to report any suspicion of patient abuse and
acts as an ombudsperson to patients to assist them in obtaining the best care possible.
4. Asks questions and clarifies orders as needed (does not assume).
5. Maintains CONFIDENTIALITY of all patient care information to assure patients’ rights are

1. Participates in fire, disaster, hazardous chemicals, and other drills as outlined in the
hospital-wide and clinic policy manuals.
2. Responsible for reading, understanding, and abiding by all policies and procedures of the
Safety/Security Program, Infection Control, and Hazardous Materials Management
Communication Program as they apply to the department and hospital-wide and can
demonstrate adequate knowledge of these programs through interview or written tests.
3. Knows and follows all safety, health, and security policies and procedures. Knows and
utilizes all safe work practices
4. Attends mandatory meetings as scheduled regarding infection control, hazardous
materials, fire, disaster, safety, and security.
5. Responsible for maintaining excellent body mechanics in dealing with patients and
teaches patients good body mechanics through example.
6. Maintains infection control through cleanliness and ongoing medical asepsis.
7. Knows what personal protective equipment is available in the clinic for exposure control
against infectious agents, hazardous chemicals, and other potential hazards. Knows how
to use the equipment, where it is located in the clinic, and when which items are to be
8. Knows the hospital-wide and clinic policies and procedures regarding infection control,
disaster preparedness, hazardous materials, fire drills, electrical safety, and body
9. Able to lift and position elderly patients and children using proper techniques. Knows
limitations of personal strength and does not exceed those limitations i.e., asks for help
when needed. Does not endanger patients or self by attempting to lift unsafely.
10. Understands the hazard of infections spreading to patients and does not report to work ill.
11. Follows hospital-wide and clinic policies regarding personal health and wellness. Reports
incidents in regards to self or patients promptly to immediate supervisor.
12. Any needed ongoing cleaning will be discussed with immediate supervisor or
housekeeping to assure that patient care areas are kept clean and sanitized. Trash will be
disposed of properly. Universal body fluid precautions will be maintained at all times.
13. Takes personal responsibility for keeping up with changes in policies and procedures in
regard to safety, fire, disaster, hazardous substances or electrical hazards through a
communication binder. Attends meetings and Quality Improvement programs.
14. Completes annual health requirements timely.
15. Keeps all required licenses and certifications current.
16. Other duties as assigned.


To apply electronically, please download the application and save it to your computer. Open the file and select “Fill & Sign” from the options on the right. Email your completed application to the email below for Human Resources.

You can also print and fill out the application. When finished fax or bring to the SHD Admin office: 199 Reynolds Road, Chester, CA 96020

Contact Human Resources

James Kooyman
PH: 530.258.2159
FAX: 530.258.4248

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: Vocational Certificate
Driver's License Required: Yes
Hiring Requirements for this Job:
  • Drug Testing / Screening
  • Background Checks
  • Reference Check
  • Accessible by Public Transportation: No
    Salary Range: DOE