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POSITION SUMMARY: The Lake Almanor Clinic Medical Receptionist schedules
patients for all Clinic visits and includes greeting patients, processing paperwork,
obtaining and verifying information for medical charts and billing purposes, computer
entry, working with the hospital business office to assist in collecting payments, and
interacting well with patients and physicians.

Education: High school diploma or equivalent is required. Must have valid California
Driver’s License, have a good driving record and show proof of minimum insurance
coverage upon request.
Knowledge: Ability to use a computer is required. Must type a minimum of 45 WPM
and be able to use a 10-key adding machine by sight. Excellent interpersonal skills with
patients, healthcare providers and co-workers required. Must have knowledge of
alphabetical filing system. Must have sufficient knowledge of verbal English
comprehension and expression to communicate clearly with callers, visitors, and staff.
Must be compatible with Clinic physicians and other practitioners.
Experience: Experience in medical office setting required. Billing experience very
Physical Requirements: Ability to maintain bending, stooping, and kneeling as well as
flexible arm movement associated with frequent filing duties. Ability to reach frequently above shoulder level. Excellent visual near acuity and average hearing acuity. Good manual dexterity for continuous computer keyboard use. Must be able to lift 15-20 pounds to shoulder level and push at least 50 pounds (objects on wheels). Ability to hold telephone receiver while writing with assistive device applied to receiver if necessary. Occasionally will assist in lifting and moving patients.

Responsible to: Clinic Manager
Interrelationships: The Lake Almanor Clinic Medical Receptionist maintains a close
working relationship with mid-level providers, medical staff, hospital billing personnel,
other employees with Seneca Healthcare District, and the public.

1. Schedules patients for Clinic. Sets up new charts and obtains medical record
numbers. Makes return appointments. Assists Clinic staff and physicians as needed.
a. Keeps schedule up-to-date. Calls no-shows and reschedules.
b. Calls to confirm patient appointments for next day’s schedule.
2. Obtains pertinent information about the patient when the appointment is scheduled
with regard to the need for a translator if the patient does not speak English. Helps
to arrange for a translator for patients when necessary.
3. Ensures that the parent or guardian is with minors under 18 years of age when they
come in for care or that the young person has the appropriate consent signed for
care with them when they come in to be seen.
4. Greets patients and determines their needs. Obtains and verifies all information
required for medical chart and billing purposes. Ensures collection of Medi-Cal
cards, private insurance information, and low-income verification. Clarifies patient
responsibility for payments.
5. Assists patients that are unable to read to fill out needed intake forms.
6. Initiates encounter forms and logs patients in.
7. Answers telephone and answers patient questions within the limits of knowledge
and medical practice guidelines.
8. Calmly deals with irritated patients and assists them with working out scheduling,
financial, and care appointments.
a. Occasionally manages difficult patient’s situations, i.e. frightened, ill, angry, etc.
9. Assists back office staff with patient recalls for labs, tests, or visits as requested.
10. Assists patients with accessing community agencies for parenting respite, support
groups, and other groups or organizations as needed, including social services.
11. Assists with patient admission forms and other chart related paperwork.
12. Compiles cost of visits and received payments for visits and issues receipts.
13. Receives payments per office procedure.
14. Processes prescription refill requests and takes to provider.
15. Prepares charts for provider.
a. Updates charts for format and patient information. Files messages on
appropriate charts after they have been dealt with.
b. Delivers charts to provider.
c. Organizes charts and filing according to procedure.
d. Sets up new charts, alphabetizes correctly. Spells names correctly and numbers
medical records correctly.
e. Responsible for chart set-up, filing of lab and x-ray reports as needed. Pulls
charts for scheduled appointments.
16. Provides Clinic staff with copies of daily schedule.
17. Maintains CONFIDENTIALITY of all patient care information to assure patient’s rights
are protected.
18. Keeps logs and batches billing forms.
19. Enters patient information into the computer as needed.
20. Works with the hospital business office assisting them in collecting payments,
keeping all filing and data in proper charts in proper order, completing billing forms,
and processing billing information.
a. Keeps up-to-date on all billing form changes and any related hospital policies.
21. Picks up and delivers mail, specimens, and other things needed from hospital
departments as directed.
22. Makes sure total patients are tallied at close of shift.
23. Sends and receives FAX transmissions and computer generated lab reports.
24. Keeps inventory of all forms and office supplies used at medical desk and reorders as
necessary and coordinates with the Clinic Manager.
25. Runs errands
26. Performs medical assistant’s duties other than those requiring a licensure when
medical assistant is not available.
27. Ensures that children in the waiting room have toys to play with to occupy them
while waiting.
a. Maintains cleanliness of toys and orderliness of waiting room by
straightening up the area as needed.
28. Makes sure that walkways are clear of obstruction and are well-lighted. Helps staff
get a wheelchair for patients when needed.
a. Calls maintenance department if walkways are iced over. Helps elderly
patients through the door to the Clinic as needed.
29. Responsible for attending all department meetings and required in-service education programs. Also attends business office meetings when possible in order to keep up on any billing changes at the hospital.
30. Completes annual employment health requirements in a timely manner.
31. Other duties as assigned.

1. Conducts the District’s business in an ethical and lawful manner, and is willing to
report any knowledge of real or potential fraud or abuse according to District policy.
2. Responsible for reading, understanding, and abiding by all policies and procedures of
the Safety/Security Program, Infection Control Program, Exposure Control Plan, Tuberculosis Exposure Plan, and Hazard Communication Program as they apply to the department and hospital-wide and can demonstrate adequate knowledge of these programs through interview or written tests.
3. Knows and follows all safety, health, and security policies and procedures. Knows
and utilizes all safe work practices.
4. Responsible for knowing your role (i.e. what to do) in the event of a fire, hazardous
incident (infectious and chemical), and disaster as it pertains to the department and
5. Responsible for following through on observed potential and real safety hazards that
occur in the department or impact staff in other areas of the hospital and by
reporting them to the department supervisor or the Safety Officer.
6. Uses universal precautions when exposure to blood and other potentially infectious
material is possible.
7. Knows what personal protective equipment is available in the department for exposure control against infectious agents, hazardous chemicals, and other potential hazards. Knows how to use the equipment, where it is located in the department, and when which items are to be used.
8. By attendance at department meetings and mandatory hospital-wide in-services, remains current and complies with all Federal and State regulations and codes applicable to the department and to the hospital in general.
a. If absent when relevant information was disseminated at these meetings and in-services, is responsible for acquiring the information within 30 days from when it was presented.
b. Attends to all mandatory hospital-wide safety in-services. If attendance is excused by the Safety Officer or department supervisor, is responsible for knowing and understanding the content of the in-service within 30 days of its presentation to the hospital staff.

Follows safe work practices, takes an active interest in preventing injury or illness and promoting a safe and healthful environment for self and others, and complies with
Hospital and governmental safety regulations.

Promotes professional growth of self and co-workers by participating in on the job
training, continuing education and assisting with training of new employees.

Assumes personal responsibility to comply with all Federal, State and local laws
governing business conduct, conducts business in an ethical and trustworthy manner,
and displays the qualities and characteristics of a professional at all times when dealing
with patients, visitors, physicians, volunteers, and fellow employees.

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: High School
Driver's License Required: Yes
Hiring Requirements for this Job:
  • Drug Testing / Screening
  • Background Checks
  • Reference Check
  • Accessible by Public Transportation: No
    Salary: DOE