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Rolling Hills Clinic
Corning & Red Bluff locations

Full-time, 32-40 hours per week

Under the general supervision of the Chief Medical Officer, the Board Certified Physician is responsible for providing high-quality primary care services by diagnosing patient conditions using but not limited to, analyzing reports, test results, medical records, immediate-family histories and including examinations to diagnose condition of patients and propose treatment options.

The Clinic Physician’s role will be responsible for assessing and diagnosing patients in any of our clinic locations while providing healthcare services that meet state and national Standards of Care. The Clinic Physician will be responsible for prescribing patients with appropriate medications, health regimens and lifestyle adjustments that will contribute to their recovery from diagnosed health issues in an effort to prevent future health issues and/or promote a healthier life. The right candidate will enjoy working closely with other healthcare professionals and consistently respect the philosophy of Rolling Hills Clinic’s (RHC). The Clinic Physician will also assist the Chief Medical Director as a preceptor and professional supervisor to the mid-level providers.


  1. Work with our primary healthcare team to provide a cohesive and proactive environment in effort to enhance patient care.
  2. Prescribe pharmaceuticals and other medications and treatment regimens to treat identified and documented medical conditions.
  3. Analyze reports, test results, medical records and examinations to diagnose condition of patients and propose treatment options.
  4. Order laboratory and radiology tests and refer to specialist when appropriate and in a timely manner.
  5. Discuss potential side effects of medication/treatment with patient and ensure that all allergy information is up-to-date before prescribing medications and treatment.
  6. Provide advice to patients for lifestyle and diet changes that may improve their health or help to treat the health issue they are experiencing.
  7. Adhere to department policies, procedures and objectives, ongoing quality improvement objectives and safety, environmental, and infection control standards.
  8. Maintain patient confidentiality and comply with all federal and state health information privacy laws.
  9. Perform accurate, legible and timely chart documentation to include but not limited to Subjective, Objective, Assessment & Plan (SOAP) format; following RHC policies, federal and state Medicaid and Medicare guidelines in the Electronic Health Records System locking all charts within 72 hours of the visit. Use only standard approved abbreviations.
  10. Assist in the development of Standards of Care for the medical department.
  11. Serve as preceptor for Family Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant or other mid-level clinic providers, including consultations, case presentations, chart review, on-the-job training and peer review.
  12. Obtains appropriate consultation when problems presented are outside the scope of practice or when unfamiliar with a particular aspect of patient care and utilize available current references and resources .
  13. Participate in Quality Assurance (QA) and Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) activities, including regularly scheduled meetings, clinical audits and peer review.
  14. Advise the Medical Committee/ Facility Administration of any situations that may adversely impact the efficiency and effectiveness of the medical department.
  15. Participate in the development of medical department policies and procedures in accordance with Tribal policies, accreditation requirements and professional standards.
  16. Knowledge of principles and practices of medicine.
  17. Knowledge of the rules, regulations and procedures of an Indian Health Clinic or willingness to learn.
  18. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with administrative, fellow peers, and other work related outside agencies.
  19. Safety: Responsible for ensuring that all duties, responsibilities and operations are performed with the utmost regard for the safety and health of all personnel involved, including patients and themselves by following required Federal/State/RHC protective protocols, policies and guidelines.
  20. Take appropriate corrective actions to address matters pertaining to employee health and safety that have been brought to their attention.
  21. Other duties as assigned by medical director.


  1. Effectively supervise/oversee Nurse Practitioners, Physician assistants, LVN and Medical Assistants as necessary.
  2. Be able to attend to 16-22 patients per day.
  3. To work cohesively as a health care medical team by assisting other providers in completing their responsibilities as necessary, i.e. covering vacations and seeing patients, processing refill requests, following-up on referrals, covering telephone encounters and document in-bubbles/inbox.
  4. Display the highest level of professionalism, integrity and a strong work ethic, serving as a model for all clinic staff.
  5. Maintain requirements of licensure, DEA certification and board certification. Fulfill and maintain requirements for credentialing, privileging internally at NAHC and externally with payers and regulatory bodies.
  6. Provide comprehensive, high quality medical services to patients, regardless of age, sex, gender identification, income, national origin or language.
  7. Consider individuals’ cultural, psychological, social and environmental factors in creating treatment/care plans.
  8. Actively participate in meetings as assigned by medical director.
  9. Participate in trainings of other medical personnel as requested.


  1. Must hold MD, or DO degree from an accredited medical school.
  2. Must hold a valid California State Physician and Surgeon License.
  3. Must be Board Certified or Board eligible in Family Practice or Internal Medicine or other full scope Primary Care Specialty.
  4. Current DEA license.
  5. Current CPR certification and ACLS certification required.
  6. Excellent communication and written skills. Must be detail oriented and be able to multi-task effectively.
  7. Ability to work independently and as part of a multi-disciplinary team.
  8. Ability to work well under pressure analyzes and evaluates individual member’s needs, reach sound conclusions and make appropriate recommendations.
  9. Must be detail oriented and be able to multi-task effectively.
  10. Demonstrated experience in the delivery of primary care.
  11. Demonstrate clear knowledge of Rolling Hills Clinic structure, standards, procedures and protocols.


  1. Three (3) years of experience working with a community clinic is highly desirable.
  2. Established leadership skills.
  3. Bilingual in Spanish.

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Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: None