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AGLAND ENGINEERING INC. is a Ferndale CA based conservation & natural resource management and
agricultural development company, currently seeking to develop & maintain apprentice candidates through
laborer experience, into associates with full career employment, responsibilities and benefits.

Position: Laborer Apprenticeship in Resource Management. Beginning period is April through June 2021.

Apprenticeships for up to three seasonal terms are offered in order to develop permanent position candidates
with an understanding of the human talent, stewardship and technical skill aspects of natural resource
management & conservation development.

Flexible hours and seasonal work other than summer may be offered for Humboldt State University, College
of the Redwoods Community College students, or local junior & senior high school candidates. High school
students or recent graduates, college students or graduates may apply for the summer term internship.

Beginning Wage : Negotiable & based on work experience. The beginning interim/trial period wage will be
minimum $14 per hour depending on experience for the first season. The trial period will be 90 days.
Candidates with prior Agland apprentice experience will not have a trial period.

Required Qualifications for all applicants:
• enjoy & perform intense physical labor in all weather.
• licensed driver in good standing; or has none and has not had one revoked or suspended.
• provide transportation to & from the vicinity of Ferndale and Scotia.

Position Requirements & Performance to be Evaluated:
Applicants must demonstrate enthusiasm for & ability to:
• practice confidentiality regarding clients & client property, associates & co-workers.
• communicate proactively, skillfully & effectively.
• exhibit proactive tendencies.
• work as a part of a team.
• be habitually organized in tool & equipment maintenance and record keeping.
• attend a regular work schedule with punctuality & diligence.
• track & record daily job costs associated with labor or equipment operated, and also daily equipment
maintenance & service information.

Position Duties:
• Vegetation Management: tree planting, fire prevention & vegetation maintenance of forests,
rangelands & pastures with herbicide & power equip, and chainsaw slashing (must be 18), chopping &
digging thistles & grass seeding.
• Equipment Maintenance: daily maintenance of, heavy equipment, vehicles and hand & pwr. tools.
• Construction: construction of road & bridge, buildings, and fencing & water system projects.
• Facilities Maintenance: of company facilities & building, fence & water system maintenance & repair,
pruning, painting & yard maintenance.
• Logging (must be 18): setting chokers, limbing & bucking logs, chain saw & heavy equipment
maintenance. Beginning logger trainee wage is $14.50 per hour for a 3 week training period, then
typically up to $18.50 per hour depending on labor ethic & productivity.
• Surveys Technician: (Season 2) assisting field surveyors during cruising, logging layout flagging or
road & stream assessment.
• Heavy Equipment Mobilization: (Season 2) roading or walking heavy equipment in & out of back

Other desired qualifications, training, experience and/or skill: Leadership role in high school or collegiate
team athletics or other team experiences; leadership training; spreadsheets; keyboarding & word processing;
GIS; heavy equipment operation & mechanics, or welding. Having these skills & experiences may affect the
beginning wage.

An application may be requested by emailing A copy of a current DMV report of driving
record will be required to be provided with an application. Applicants less than 18 years of age will be
required to provide a Work Permit.

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: None
Driver's License Required: Yes
Hiring Requirements for this Job:
  • Motor Vehicle Record Check
  • Minimum Hourly Wage: Negotiable & based on work experience. The beginning interim/trial period wage will be minimum $14 per hour depending on experience for the first season.