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Under supervision of the Sheriff’s Executive Assistant, the Jail Commander, and other supervisors, to assist
Correctional Deputies by handling support responsibilities in the following areas: Operating the jail
management system, intermittently operating control and intercom systems, intermittently assisting with
facility counts or wellness checks of inmates in sobering or safety cells. The Correctional Technician is a
classification within the Sheriff’s Office that will perform support functions, limited in nature, that do not
require the assignment of a Correctional Deputy. This class is distinguished from Correctional Deputy by
the lack of direct responsibility for physical restraint of inmates. The major duties of this job include:
• Operate a California Law Enforcement Teletype System (CLETS) terminal. Access, interpret,
utilize, and maintain the confidentiality of inquiries related to: driver’s license, registration,
wanted persons, sex and drug registrants, and criminal history information.
• Utilize an automated fingerprint (livescan) machine to perform required checks on applicants,
volunteers, community members, and arrestees (intermittently) and submit those prints to the
department of justice.
• Interview newly admitted inmates and gather all pertinent personal and medical information
required for booking.
• Prepare daily in custody reports for attorneys, social services, and the courts.
• Review inmate files and criminal history information to assist with inmate classification, housing,
and other procedural decisions.
• Interpret criminal history information to assess arrestee’s legal status for DNA collection.
• Monitor activities of inmates by operating surveillance, control and communications console
equipment. Utilize control systems to facilitate inmate and officer movement throughout the
• Assist Correctional Deputies with inmate headcounts.
• Prepare required records pertaining to commitment. Ensure the completeness and accuracy of
all booking documents.
• Prepare records and reports and fills in forms for the release or transfer of inmates. Ensure the
completeness of all required documents prior to processing an inmate release.
• Appear in court when under subpoena.
• Coordinate transportation of arrestees and inmates to and from various locations.
• Answer inquiries from the public and family members.
• Maintain detailed account records for all monies received and spent on behalf of inmates.
• Order, track inventory, and deliver inmate commissary.
• Performs other related duties as assigned. EOE

Additional Application:

This is the advanced journey level class in the Correctional Technician Classification. This classification is expected to perform all of the same job duties as the level I Correctional Technician. Members in this classification must have successfully met all requirements for a Correctional Technician I, and have at least three years of experience as or equivalent to a Correctional Technician I with Lassen County. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS Education: Equivalent to the completion of the twelfth grade. Experience: One year of general office experience including typing and public contact. License: Possession of, or ability to obtain, a valid California driver’s license.

Minimum Education and Experience

Minimum Months of Experience: 12
Education Required: High School
Driver's License Required: Yes
Hiring Requirements for this Job:
  • Drug Testing / Screening
  • Background Checks
  • Reference Check
  • Minimum Hourly Wage: $16.16
    Maximum Hourly Wage: $23.28