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SeaQuake Brewing is looking for a Taproom Manager.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Greet and seat customers
  • Be courteous and cordial to everyone
  • LISTEN to customer problems and show concern
  • Determine how to solve customer problems—discounts, re-cook food, etc.
  • Consistently “walk the floor” so you can catch a little problem BEFORE it develops into a BIG problem!
  • ALWAYS: Stay calm, responding in a concerned and sympathetic manner
  • Manage Employees – Both Front of House (FOH) and Back of the House (BOH)
  • Deliver food to tables when time allows
  • Pay attention to servers – help them when needed
  • Bus tables – this allows you to be on the floor and available to customers
  • Be respectful to employees
  • Watch ticket times and make sure cooks are not falling behind
  • Be ready to jump in and help when cooks need it
  • Control seating at peak times

Assist GM

  • Count inventory and assist with paperwork
  • Run the floor during peak hours
  • Handle customer complaints

Prepare Paperwork

  • Prepare labor schedules
  • Oversee beverage inventory and purchasing when no beverage managers is present
  • Collaborate with ownership on current food costs and make suggestions for menu adjustments

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: None