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This position is part of the Elijah House’s work crew program.   This is an entry-level position.

Our Crew members are responsible for picking up litter and managing highway vegetation, firebreaks and road markings, and planting and refilling roadside vegetation.  The crew member is to work as a team in collaboration with other community partners performing highway maintenance and litter abatement projects while building the skillsets and resources to transition into full-time permanent employment. This is temporary employment of up to 6 months; durring that time you will be required to meet with a job developer to create a resume, job search and complete mock interviews.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Perform litter and debris removal (highway, landscape, and community)
  • Assist with special projects
  • Attend any required safety, career, employment development training
  • Perform manual weed control and landscaping of overgrown, fire tinder, and unsightly vegetation.
  • Make firebreaks and fence lines where appropriate and instructed.
  • Plant natural vegetation of friable cut and fill slopes and any other areas sublet to erosion.
  • Plan Restoration by removing dead plants and replanting.
  • General yard work.
  • Painting over graffiti

Mental and Physical Demands

  • Moderate physical activity performing strenuous daily activities.
  • Walk on uneven and sloped terrain
Physical Demands % of time
Stand 15%
Walk 70%
Sit 15%
Use of hands and fingers 90%
Stoop, Kneel, Crouch or Crawl 20%
Lift up to 10 pounds 40%
Lift 25 pounds or more 70%

Work Environment

  • Non-regulated outdoor setting.
  • Moderate noise, outdoor nature

Wage$16.00 per hour


Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: None
Minimum Hourly Wage: 16.00