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Provides instruction of pre-school aged children and educational exercises for parents. Provides
meaningful learning and recreational activities for pre-school school aged children. Employs a range
of instructional techniques and strategies to enhance student progress and establish a productive
classroom environment.
Distinguishing Career Features
The ECE Specialist is trained to deliver age-appropriate education to preschool children. Advancement
to this position requires a permit plus the demonstrated ability through coursework and experience, to
deliver age-appropriate subject matter and learning style concepts that enhance student skill and
development. This position parallels the classification of Teacher in the Child Development Permit
Matrix. Advancement occurs with additional higher education.
Level Education and Training
I Completion of 40 college semester units, 24 of which must be in core coursework in Child
Development and Early Childhood Education. Alternately may have an AA or higher degree
in Early Childhood Education or related field plus units of supervised field experience in an
ECE setting.
II Requires 48 semester units, 24 of which must be in core classes in Child Development, and
Early Childhood Education, 16 of which must be in general education. Alternately requires a
BA or higher with 12 units of ECE plus 3 units of supervised field experience.
III Requires an Associates degree (or 60 units) with 24 college semester units of early childhood
education and child development (ECE/CD), including core courses, 16 general education
units, 6 administrative units and 2 adult supervision units. Alternately requires an
Administrative Credential with 12 college semester units of ECE/CD, and 3 units of
supervised field experience. Alternately requires a Teaching credential with 12 units of
ECE/CD and 3 units of supervised field experience and 6 units of administration. Alternately
requires a Masters Degree in ECE or Child/Human Development.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
ƒ Plans, designs, and provides meaningful learning and developmental activities for preschool
classes, including a program of instruction specifically designed to enhance and develop mental,
physical, emotional, and physical capabilities of children.
ƒ Coordinates and may complete parent education activities as they relate to program requirements
and needs.
ƒ Coordinates, organizes, and develops of age-appropriate curriculum, and implementation of payoriented child development and learning programs for preschool children and families. Prepares
and serves as a resource to others preparing and implementing curriculum.
ƒ Plans, coordinates, and maintains a supportive learning environment by developing and applying
current thought in learning aids and devices. Develops lesson plans by facilitating input from coworkers.
Early Childhood Education Specialist
Del Norte County USD – June 2013
Early Childhood Education Specialist
Del Norte County USD – June 2013
ƒ Serves as resource to child development personnel to ensure all children are assessed within the
first 30 days of enrollment. Coordinates and assists with the use of authentic assessment and
portfolio development. Oversees ongoing updating of child portfolios
ƒ Ensures compliance with licensing requirements. Ensures that the program and methods follow
current educational guidelines and teaching methods of the Child Development Department
ƒ Ensures a safe environment for children. Inspects equipment, furniture, and learning devices.
ƒ Enforces health and safety policies for children and staff. Provides notification to parents, and staff
of CDC Health and Safety Policies. Ensures classrooms and outdoor play areas are maintained in a
clean, safe, child-centered manner. Ensures that all appropriate requirements and needs are met in
food preparation, storage.
ƒ Supervises and monitors performance of assigned staff.
ƒ Gives each child individual and special attention each day. Responds to each child’s particular
needs and characteristics. Insures that all children receive equal attention.
ƒ Prepares developmentally appropriate and practical individual education and development plans for
each student. Applies social and emotional development screens.
ƒ Ensures that attendance documents are completed by parents on a daily basis. Prepares attendance
reports by summarizing sign-in documents. Initiates phone and/or personal contact with parents in
connection with child’s attendance and performance.
ƒ Prepares and maintains a variety of related records and reports.
ƒ Selects appropriate reading curriculum and reads age appropriate materials to infants, toddlers, and
pre-school children to foster pre-literacy skills.
ƒ Provides for the physical needs of children by changing diapers, serving snacks, and participating
in and observing play time activities.
ƒ Completes meal planning and uses age appropriate sanitation methods and solid food preparation;
maintains the use of only acceptable food types, amounts, and serving times.
ƒ Observes behavior of children and monitors for signs of neglect or suspected abuse; reports
concerns according with established guidelines and law.
ƒ Maintains a clean, safe, sanitary and orderly child care environment; notifies the Program Director
of potentially dangerous or harmful conditions.
ƒ Ensures that parents receive conferences. Coordinates, prepares for, and holds conferences with
parents on the progress of children including topics such as motor development, speech, hygiene,
and behavior.
ƒ Encourages parent involvement in educational activities. Designs learning exercises that encourage
the parents to volunteer and become involved. Assists with the implementation of programs for
parent education and individual programs at site.
ƒ Schedules, organize events, field trips, and other activities that require integration of other District
ƒ Serves as a resource to staff regarding early childhood and program curriculum.
Early Childhood Education Specialist
Del Norte County USD – June 2013
ƒ Prepares teaching aids, labels, charts, bulletin boards and displays as instructed.
ƒ Delivers education by using effective and appropriate oral communications skills and provides
students with clear and written communications and instructions.
ƒ Receives information from specialists pertaining to the developmental, cognitive, and physical
levels of children. Identifies special needs of students and cooperates and participates with other
professional staff to assess student health, attitude, and learning challenges.
ƒ Evaluates and documents achievement for each student, prepares periodic progress reports, and
confers with parents.
ƒ Oversees student activities that are out of the classroom, such as but not limited to, assemblies,
field trips, and extra-curricular events. Attends and makes presentations during evening and
weekend programs and school functions such as back-to-night, parent open houses, etc.
ƒ Implements the philosophies, goals, and policies of the District as adopted by the Board of
Education. Complies with federal and state regulations applicable to the position.
ƒ Works and interacts with peers, as individuals and/or in team/group settings, in a professional
manner that contributes to the District’s academic achievement goals.
ƒ Maintains current knowledge of new techniques and developments in pre-school education by
maintaining contact with professional associations, educational groups, and by reading outcomebased research materials.
ƒ Assists in the orientation, supervision, and evaluation of student employees and volunteers.
ƒ Assists in assessing the training needs of the program, and helps plan the implementation of
appropriate training for staff.
ƒ Coordinates and provides input to the Principal regarding the work of ECE Assistants when
ƒ Refers families with health, nutrition, social services, mental health and handicap concerns to local
resources or coordinating staff
ƒ Knowledge and follows up with transmitting key health, developmental and special needs
information from each early childhood program to the school.
ƒ Considers any signs of illness or distress observed in the children. Deals with the situation, as
ƒ Administers a variety of informal and formal assessments and tests such as the kindergarten
assessment and other screening tools.
ƒ Sets up and arranges supplies and equipment used in the classroom or other environment for
instruction and projects.
ƒ Implements lesson plans by providing positive play-oriented learning experiences for children.
ƒ Performs other duties as assigned that support the overall objective of the position.
Early Childhood Education Specialist
Del Norte County USD – June 2013
ƒ Knowledge and Skills
The position requires working knowledge of child guidance principles and practices and an
understanding of the goals and objectives of a preschool program. Special knowledge is required in the
emotional, physical, and mental variations and needs of preschool and elementary school aged children.
Requires a working knowledge of curriculum development. Requires working knowledge of
arithmetic, grammar, spelling, language and reading sufficient to direct students with learning exercises
or projects. Requires a working knowledge of personal computer and multimedia equipment
operations including common office productivity software, internet, and computer-aided teaching
programs. Requires creative writing skills to prepare and/or adapt age-appropriate class materials and
reports. Requires well-developed oral communications skills to convey concepts in classroom and
community-based settings, and work cooperatively with a diverse population of children and parents
and employees. Understands issues related to health and safety of pre-school students.
ƒ Abilities
Requires the skill sets to perform the responsibilities of the position including delivery of instruction in
classroom and play settings. Requires the ability to understand the needs and differences of children
and to reach and motivate them. Requires the ability to balance emotional support and discipline to
deal with behavior problems. Requires the ability to observe, categorize, evaluate, and critique the
performance of pre-school children. Requires the ability to learn, interpret, and apply District, State,
and Federal requirements and objectives for academic achievement. Must be able to prepare
curriculum and set up assignments, tests, and student projects. Requires the ability to develop and
maintain a productive and safe classroom environment. Must be able to organize and prioritize work
and manage time effectively. Must be able to communicate in a professional manner, in both formal
and informal settings with students, fellow staff, and parents.
ƒ Physical Abilities
Requires the ability to function effectively in classroom and outside play environments, engaged in
work of a moderately active nature. Requires sufficient physical ability to move to indoor and outdoor
work locations and stand or move about for extended periods of time, and lift heavy objects on an
intermittent basis. Requires the ability to grasp, reach, push, and pull and move light weight teaching
aids and supplies. Requires sufficient arm, hand, finger dexterity to use a personal computer keyboard,
multimedia, and other office equipment. Requires sufficient hearing and speaking skills to project
voice and communicate with staff and students in classroom settings and in one-on-one conversations.
Requires visual acuity to read printed materials and computer screens, observe students perform
assignments, and observe moving objects and events.
ƒ Education and Experience
The position requires completion of 40 college semester units, 24 of which must be in core coursework
in Child Development and Early Childhood Education. Alternately may have an AA or higher degree
in Early Childhood Education or related field plus units of supervised field experience in an ECE
ƒ Licenses and Certificates
May require a valid driver’s license. Requires a permit issued by the California State Commission for
Teacher Preparation and Licensing. Permits must be renewed every five years. In each five year
period, before renewing the permit, 105 hours of professional growth must be completed.
ƒ Work Environment
Work is performed indoors and outdoor settings where some safety considerations exist from physical

Minimum Hourly Wage: 19.71
Maximum Hourly Wage: 27.10

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: High School

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