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Position: After School Instruction Specialist Salary Range: 114
Department/Site: School Site FLSA: non-exempt
Reports to/Evaluated by: Principal
Performs and coordinates a variety of activities to support administration/teacher(s) of after school
instructional support programs and provides training and oversight to subject matter Instructional Assistants.
Assists in development and application of activities and materials to enhance the student learning experiences.
Distinguishing Career Features
The After School Instruction Specialist coordinates and facilitates after school program activities a senior-level
instructional support role. The position requires sufficient competency in subject matter support to provide
orientation and oversight to other instructional assistants and subject matter tutors.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
 Works on an in-depth basis with small peer groups and/or individual students on special subjects,
exercises, and activities that support curriculum.
 Prepares and may develop age-grade appropriate instructional aids and exercises to support the curriculum
being taught. Develops and applies alternative lessons and learning strategies for maximizing learning
 May assist special program administrators and/or teaching staff with preparation and presentation of inservice training sessions.
 Confers with teachers, specialists and parents to develop and evaluate individual and group educational
goals and objectives. Assists with implementation of special programs.
 Administers assessment instruments (spelling tests, etc.), scores objective tests, and written papers, and
keeps appropriate records for teachers, including those on computerized student information and grading
 Arranges for and supervises recreational activities appropriate for all students. Activities may include
those occurring at the site, or may involve authorized field trips.
 Assists in training Instructional Assistants and tutors to administer learning exercises, tutor in selected
subjects, and record attendance and achievement. Provides input regarding performance and abilities of
other instructional assistants and tutors.
 Schedules Instructional Assistants and tutors based on estimates of student participation in the after school
program. Creates schedules for activities and lesson plans for Instructional Assistants and Tutors.
 Monitors classroom/learning center activities when a teacher is absent from the classroom. Observes,
monitors, and controls behavior of students within approved procedures.
 Develops and uses incentives as positive reinforcement. Assesses the need for, and uses appropriate
discipline in accordance with grade level.
After School Instruction Specialist
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 Reports student academic and behavior progress and performance to teachers. Assists students with
assigned homework and documents student homework activity progress.
 Ensures the health and safety of students following positive health and safety practices and procedures.
Provides basic first aid and comfort to students as needed.
 Confers, as needed, with teachers and other school personnel concerning programs, activities and
materials to meet student needs and interests. Alerts teachers to any special problems or information
concerning students.
 Performs clerical and technical duties associated with researching and ordering books, school supplies,
and recreational gear. Researches emerging trends in after school programs.
 Sets priorities and goals for the After School Programs
 Manages the basic After School Program Budget, and seeks Supervisory assistance when necessary.
 Coordinates parent and community volunteers, and outside vendors and groups participating in the After
School Programs.
 May make field trip arrangements.
 May initiate or otherwise arrange for substitute Instructional Assistants in order to meet staffing
 Performs other duties as assigned that support the overall objective of the position.
 Knowledge and Skills
The position requires working knowledge of the principles and practices of age appropriate child development
and guidance applicable for an educational setting. Requires working knowledge of the subjects taught in the
District schools, including science, math, writing, grammar, spelling, language and reading, with sufficient
competency to assist students with individual or group studies. Requires a basic knowledge of teaching and
instruction methods. Requires knowledge of basic clerical and student record keeping processes. Requires
knowledge of and skill at using personal computers, audiovisual, and other equipment to support learning,
record information, and send communications. Requires well-developed human relation skills to work
productively and cooperatively with teachers, students, and parents in formal and informal settings, to exercise
patience when conveying information to students having difficulty with subject matter and writing, and
demonstrate sensitivity to the needs of students. May require competency in a second language.
 Abilities
Requires the ability to assist teaching staff with organization and support of a learning-oriented program.
Requires the ability to assess the learning needs of individual students and prepare or recommend instructional
support techniques and materials to meet those needs. Requires the ability to train other instructional
assistants and tutors, and match them to student needs. Requires the ability to interact with teachers, and
parents in order to carry out assigned duties. Requires the ability to oversee students, administer assignments,
and tests, and perform general clerical tasks. Requires the ability to facilitate problem solving processes with
individuals, and small groups of students and assist with demonstrations of assigned subject matter. Requires
the ability to relate positively to students in a teaching/learning environment in a way that builds confidence,
recognizes and works on learning disabilities and barriers. May require competency in a second language or
basic competency in sign language.
After School Instruction Specialist
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 Physical Abilities
Requires the ability to perform indoors in an office and/or classroom/laboratory environment engaged in work
of a moderately active nature. Requires near visual acuity to read and write printed materials and computer
screens. Requires hearing and speech ability for ordinary and telephonic conversation, to speak to small
groups, and to hear sound prompts from equipment. Requires the ability to move about office,
classroom/laboratory, school grounds, and on frequent public field trips to tutor, assist with activities, and
reach work materials. Requires sufficient manual and finger dexterity to operate personal computers.
 Education and Experience
This position requires a high school diploma or equivalent, 48 semester units of college credit that are degree
eligible, and two years of experience working with in a classroom environment containing students with
special needs.
 Licenses and Certificates
May require a valid driver’s license. May require a valid first aid card.
 Working Conditions
Work is performed indoors and outdoors with minimal health and safety considerations.

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: High School
Driver's License Required: Yes

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