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Assists one or more teachers in the direct care and supervision of the children in a classroom or related
facility. Maintains and prepares classroom materials, attendance records, health forms, and student files.
Provides instructional assistance to individuals or small groups of students.
Distinguishing Career Features
Instructional Assistants provide general classroom, tutoring, and clerical support to one or more teachers
or a special program. Advancement occurs with additional higher education.
Level Education and Training
I High School diploma or equivalent (GED), experience working with children, competency exam for
II High School diploma or equivalent (GED), 15 college semester units directly related to working with
children in a classroom environment, experience working with children, and competency exam for
III High School diploma or equivalent, 48 college semester units directly related to working with children
in the classroom, or Associates degree or higher, experience working with children, and competency
exam for NCLB. .
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
ƒ Assists an instructor to implement lesson plans by providing positive learning experiences for
ƒ Assists the instructor in maintaining classroom discipline by observing the activities of the children,
maintaining order, and following children’s behavioral plans if available. These activities may be in
or out of the classroom setting.
ƒ Monitors classroom activities when a teacher is absent from the classroom. Accompanies students
going from one location to another. Observes, monitors, and controls behavior of students within
approved procedures.
ƒ Gives children individual and special attention. Responds to children’s particular needs and
ƒ Assists instructor with attendance recording. May contact parents concerning child’s attendance.
ƒ Reports to the instructor any signs of illness or distress observed in the children. Aids in dealing
with the situation, as appropriate.
ƒ Depending on assigned grade level, performs a variety of infant/child care duties such as preparing
meals and bottles, changing diapers, facilitating rest periods as well as planning and setting up
learning activities.
ƒ Prepares, administers, corrects and records tests, papers, essays and homework assignments.
Prepares homework packets as assigned. Calls students and parents to follow up on absences as
ƒ Assures the health and safety of students by following health and safety practices and procedures;
provides immediate basic first aid and comfort to students as needed.
ƒ Sets up and arranges supplies and equipment in the classroom as directed.
Instructional Assistant
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ƒ Performs clerical duties such as, but not limited to, preparation of correspondence, teaching aids,
labels, charts, bulletin boards, and displays.
ƒ May assist others in performing physical health screening of students.
ƒ Performs other duties as assigned that support the overall objective of the position.
ƒ Knowledge and Skills
The position requires basic knowledge of the principles and practices of age appropriate child
development and guidance applicable for an educational setting. Requires working knowledge of the
basic subjects taught in the District schools, including math, grammar, spelling, language and
reading, with sufficient competency to assist students with individual or group studies. Requires a
basic knowledge of teaching and instruction methods. Requires knowledge of basic clerical and
record keeping processes. Requires knowledge of and skill at using personal computers, audiovisual,
and other equipment to support learning, record information, and send communications. Requires
sufficient human relation skills to work productively and cooperatively with teachers, students, and
parents in formal and informal settings, to exercise patience when conveying information, and
demonstrate sensitivity to the needs of students.
ƒ Abilities
Requires the ability to assist teaching staff with implementation of instructional goals and activities.
Requires the ability to assess the needs of individual students and develop programs to meet those
needs. Requires the ability to interact with teachers, parents, and specialists in order to carry out
assigned duties. Requires the ability to oversee students, administer assignments and tests, and
perform general clerical tasks. Requires the ability to make informal presentations to individual and
small groups of students and assist with demonstrations of assigned subject matter to classroom sized
groups. Requires the ability to relate positively to students in a teaching/learning environment in a
way that builds confidence and recognizes socioeconomic and cultural differences among children.
Requires the ability to balance emotional support and discipline and deal with common behavior
ƒ Physical Abilities
Requires the ability to perform indoors in an office and/or classroom/laboratory environment
engaged in work of primarily a sedentary to a moderately active nature. Requires near visual acuity
to read and write printed materials and computer screens. Requires hearing and speech ability for
ordinary and telephonic conversation, to speak to groups, and to hear sound prompts from equipment.
Requires ambulatory ability to move about office, classroom/laboratory, and school grounds, to tutor,
assist with presentations, and reach work materials. Requires sufficient manual and finger dexterity
to demonstrate teaching aids, to point out important words/figures to students, and to operate
personal computers. Requires the ability to lift, carry, push, and move supplies, furniture, etc., of
light-to-medium weight (under 50 pounds) on an intermittent basis.
ƒ Education and Experience
Any combination equivalent to: Graduation from high school, and experience working with students
in a classroom or equivalent environment.
ƒ Licenses and Certificates
May require a valid driver’s license. Approved competency examination.
ƒ Working Conditions
Work is performed indoors and outdoors with some, yet infrequent exposure to health and safety

Minimum Hourly Wage: 14.21
Maximum Hourly Wage: 19.39

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: High School

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