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Deputy Probation Officers investigate cases of juvenile and adult applicant cases for probation; prepare juvenile and adult recommendations
for the courts. The DPO I is the entry level class in the Deputy Probation Officer series and performs more routine tasks and duties under
immediate supervision while learning job tasks; DPO II is the full-journey level class within the Deputy Probation Officer series and perform
full range of duties assigned under occasional instruction and are fully aware of policies and procedures within the work unit; The DPO III is
journey-level class in the Deputy Probation Officer series and is distinguished within the series by the level of responsibility assumed and the
complexity of duties assigned. Assists the Supervising Deputy Probation Officer in planning, assigning and reviewing workloads. The major
duties of the job include (all duties may not be performed by all incumbents):
• Maintain an assigned juvenile and/or adult caseload; counsel and guide juvenile and adult probationers
including those in crisis situation; analyze emotional and behavioral disorders.
• Assess clients’ needs and develop and maintain current treatment plan; monitor compliance with the terms and
conditions of probation.
• Advise parents, school authorities and other pertinent agencies regarding the progress and needs of the
• Serve as an adult and/or juvenile intake officer.
• Conduct pre-court investigations; prepare petitions, court reports, own recognizance release reports, social case
histories; review, and sealing of records and prepare recommendations for disposition of cases to Superior,
Justice and Juvenile Courts.
• Review reports from law enforcement, district attorney and related agencies.
• Arrange and monitor placement of juvenile and adult offenders on probation in rehabilitation and/or treatment
programs such as work furlough, group homes, alcoholic anonymous, drug rehabilitation, juvenile hall, ranches,
camps, etc.
• Calculate and monitor payment of fines and restitution and other court ordered payments.
• Perform arrests, search, seizure, and other peace officer duties as provided by law.
• Prepare and present reports and orders modifying, revoking and terminating probation.
• Communicate with Sheriff’s Office, Police Department, District Attorney’s Office, Probation Departments and
other related agencies on crime investigation and prevention.
• Appear and/or testify in court for detention, jurisdictional, dispositional, and violation of probation hearings;
attend special, annual reviews and sealing of records and other appearances as required.
• Serve as 24 hour stand-by duty officer on rotation basis.
• Perform related duties as assigned. EOE

Additional Application:

ANY COMBINATION OF EXPERIENCE AND EDUCATION THAT WOULD PROVIDE THE REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE AND ABILITIES IS QUALIFYING. A TYPICAL WAY TO OBTAIN THE REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE AND ABILITIES WOULD BE: Education and Experience: Education: Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in criminology, social or behavioral sciences, or a related field, OR 60 units earned for course work completed through an accredited college and two years full time experience in a criminal justice field performing duties that include substantial case management or supervision of adults or adolescent youth; OR Experience: Four years of experience in a criminal justice field performing duties that include substantial case management or supervision of adults or adolescent youth. In Addition- DPO II requires, one year of experience performing duties similar to the Deputy Probation Officer I within Lassen County. In Addition-DPO III requires three years of experience performing duties similar to the Deputy Probation Officer II within the State of California. License: Possession of or ability to obtain a valid California driver’s license. Possession of a PC 832 POST certificate within ninety days of appointment. Must have passed California Board of Corrections entry-level written examination, oral, physical and psychological testing. Complete a minimum of 200 hours of instruction in the Basic Probation Officers Course as certified by STC within the first year of appointment. In Addition to requirements for DPO I; DPO II and DPO III requires: Must possess a BSCC Probation Officer Core Certificate. Must have a minimum of 18 months experience as a Deputy Probation Officer I and a recommendation from the Chief Probation Officer to advance to DPO II. Completed 40 hours of STC certified annual training within each subsequent fiscal year.

Minimum Education and Experience

Minimum Months of Experience: 12
Education Required: Bachelor's
Driver's License Required: Yes
Hiring Requirements for this Job:
  • Drug Testing / Screening
  • Background Checks
  • Reference Check
  • Minimum Hourly Wage: $18.42
    Maximum Hourly Wage: $27.91
    Accessible by Public Transportation: Yes