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Seneca Healthcare District (SHD) is a community-oriented critical access hospital and clinic
located in Northern California situated in the beautiful Lake Almanor area basin with a full
range of inpatient, outpatient, and emergency care. SHD is more than a hospital; we are a
partner in health and wellness both inside and outside of our medical campus. As the
healthcare industry seemingly becomes more streamlined and depersonalized, people are
looking for a health care setting that feels more like a family. SHD strives to provide a
consumer-friendly environment by never forgetting that we are in a business where our
sole focus is on people.

SHD is committed to patient safety and quality care. That is why we are constantly working
to be the provider of choice for our community. SHD encourages the efficient use of
resources while providing a working environment that promotes the personal and
professional growth of our employees. Join the team and Seneca Healthcare District and be
more than a name badge, be part of a family made up of an entire community.
The Diagnostic Imaging department aggregate procedural volume is low with approximately
3,200 total procedures per year.

The Imaging Manager is a working manager with a call rotation. Managers responsibilities
include overall operational planning, coordination, and administration of the Diagnostic
Imaging Services in support of our healthcare mission. The right candidate embraces the
philosophy that the most important thing in Healthcare is CARE.

General Radiography. AA or AS Degree in Radiology or graduate of an American Medical
Association (AMA) approved school of radiography. Valid and current certification by the
State of California is required. American Registry of Radiological Technology (ARRT)
Fluoroscopy permit preferred.
Computerized Axial Tomography (CT). AA or AS Degree in Radiology or graduate of an
American Medical Association (AMA) approved school of radiography. Valid and current
certification by the State of California is required. Recent CT experience required with
working knowledge of the Siemens CT platform preferred.

Minimum five (5) years of Digital Radiography and CT experience including CT Angiography
and Post-processing reconstruction required. Experience with Siemens CT scanners
1. Oversee policies, procedures, programs, and budgets to ensure the quality and safety
of services provided.
2. Recent experience and capacity to work as Radiologic/CT Technologist including call.
3. Select, train, schedule, monitor, evaluate, and supervise employees.
4. Act as an educational resource for department staff as needed.
5. Oversee new testing procedures and related protocols.
Evaluate, recommend, and introduce new equipment and techniques.
6. Assure that quality standards established by the medical staff for department services
are maintained.
7. Provide leadership in the Quality Improvement process:
a. Identifying important aspects of care and selecting relevant criteria to be monitored for
process improvement.
b. Ensuring the development of department Quality Improvement (QI) plans and
establishment of performance standards.
c. Comparing practices of established best-practice standards/plans and determine the
existence of any variances.
d. Communicating with staff regarding identified problems.
e. Ensuring appropriate action for problem resolution is initiated and monitoring
performance is continued until performance standards are met.
f. Reviewing reports before submitting them to appropriate committees to ensure accuracy
and appropriateness of final recommendations.
g. Ensuring compliance with the Mammography Quality Standard Act (MQSA) by
department staff assigned to mammography.
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8. Manage human resources within the department:
a. Ensuring staff understands job requirements and performance expectations.
b. Overseeing departmental orientation and training, and ensuring staff’s development and
c. Facilitating positive working relationships among department staff and other
d. Monitoring morale of personnel/department and facilitating group cohesiveness/positive
group dynamics.
e. Demonstrating effective leadership skills and creative motivational techniques.
f. Giving employees immediate corrective or confirming verbal feedback that focuses on
specific performance and assist the employee in successfully carrying out responsibilities.
g. Completing staff’s performance evaluations timely.
h. Utilizing evaluation tools to acknowledge employee’s areas of strengths and to help
identify individual areas of improvement by offering valid suggestions on how to improve
i. Approving policies, action plans, projects, etc.
j. Noting potential problems and taking pro-active approaches thus precluding significant
problems and facilitating the positive resolution of critical issues.
k. Working closely with medical staff, facilitating positive working relationships, and
contributing to optimal team cohesiveness.
l. Acting as a mentor for departmental personnel and assisting in formulating action plans,
methodologies, and creative/innovative strategies for professional growth
m. Acting as a catalyst for others’ success as demonstrated by valid compliments or
employees’ accomplishments of professional growth resulting from specific supervisory
interventions and/or assistance.
9. Ensure departmental standards/safety practices are maintained:
a. Ensuring all departmental members demonstrate knowledge of and adhere to good
personal safety practices (e.g. body mechanics, electrical and fire safety, security measures,
chemical hazards, equipment utilization, etc).
b. Providing staff with training as needed regarding department-specific safety concerns
and hazardous material issues in accordance with regulatory standards.
c. Documenting all training/discussion sessions in accordance with established procedures.
d. Inspecting work environment regularly for safety conditions and adherence to work
practice controls.
e. Initiating corrective actions immediately and ensuring follow-up for any discrepancies,
safety infringements, hazardous conditions, etc.
f. Ensuring that 100% of all employee accidents are reported and thoroughly documented in
accordance with established policies and procedures.
10. Effectively utilize problem-solving strategies.
11. Attend appropriate department managers meetings.
12. Prepare schedules for proper coverage of the department.
13. Participate in the stand-by/call back schedule.
14. Assure that all clerical duties are complete and timely.
15. Attend and participate in workshops and seminars to keep current in changes in the
health care field-specific to Diagnostic Imaging.
16. Assure that the Imaging Department maintains a professional and helpful relationship
with physicians, nursing staff, and other members of the facility’s team.
20. Practice the principles of ALARA and radiation safety.
Keep film badges current and file reports of occupational radiation exposure.
22. Know and follow all general and departmental safety, security, and health policies and
procedures. Utilize all safe work practices for the department.
23. Complete annual employee health requirements in a timely manner.
24. Maintain required licenses, registrations, and certifications in an active/current status.
25. Maintain CONFIDENTIALITY of all pertinent patient care information to assure that
patients’ rights are protected.
26. Orient new employees to hazardous materials, safety, and proper use of equipment.
Whenever new substances, processes, equipment, or procedures are introduced, provide
proper information and orientation.
27. Perform other related duties as assigned.
Conducts the District’s business in an ethical and lawful manner, and is willing to report any
knowledge of real or potential fraud or abuse according to District policy.

SUPERVISED BY: Chief Nursing Officer
ORGANIZATIONAL POSITION: Diagnostic Imaging Department Manager


To apply electronically, please download the application and save it to your computer. Open the file and select “Fill & Sign” from the options on the right. Email your completed application to the email below for Human Resources.

You can also print and fill out the application. When finished fax or bring to the SHD Admin office: 199 Reynolds Road, Chester, CA 96020

Contact Human Resources

James Kooyman
PH: 530.258.2159
FAX: 530.258.4248

Minimum Education and Experience

Minimum Months of Experience: 60
Education Required: None
Driver's License Required: Yes
Hiring Requirements for this Job:
  • Drug Testing / Screening
  • Background Checks
  • Reference Check
  • Accessible by Public Transportation: No
    Salary Range: DOE