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Tehama County Department of Education

Red Bluff, CA

Job Description: 

Under general supervision, the Education Specialist will provide specialized academic instruction utilizing appropriate strategies to identified students with moderate to severe learning disabilities.

Any one position may not include all of the listed duties, nor do all of the listed examples include all tasks that may be found in positions within this classification.

  • Provide students with specialized instruction based on their unique needs resulting from their
    identified disabilities.
  • Monitors individual student’s progress utilizing data that reflects student performance on his or
    her IEP goals; adjusts instruction as needed based on analysis of the data.
  • Collaborates and scheduled IEP meetings with required members.
  • Participate as a member of the lEP team and provide input to the IEP Goals.
  • Act as case manager/carrier for assigned students.
  • Assess students and write individual educational plans (IEPs) to meet the individual student
  • Plan, design and implement a comprehensive standards-based instructional program.
  • Collaborate with other teachers and facilitate the integration of students into general education classes. Monitor student progress and the overall effectiveness of the integration models.
  • Understand and relate to students with special needs assuring the proper implementation of educational programs including designing and implementing appropriated behavior management techniques for use in instructional and disciplinary purposes.
  • Writes and implements effective behavior plans for students and participates in manifestation determination tor students as necessary.
  • Prepare all necessary reports and maintain educational records required and necessary to provide a quality educational program.
  • Establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with parents, general education teachers, and other service providers or agencies.
  • Communicate effectively with parents, team members, staff, and agency representatives.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of special education laws as well as SELP A and District policies and procedures.
  • Participate in professional development and maintain a high level of professional
  • Establishes and maintains a safe. orderly, and child centered classroom environment.
  • Perform other duties normally required to be performed by certificated employees as adjunct to the regular teaching assignment.
  • If assigned to an Itinerant position the employee will be required to drive frequently for department business.

Any combination of education training and experience (some examples listed below) which demonstrate the ability to perform the duties and responsibilities as described above.

  • Valid California Teaching credential authorizing the teaching of special education students with moderate to severe disabilities or ability to obtain one.
  • Valid California driver’s license and evidence of insurance.


  • State adopted core curriculum, education code and relevant lows associated with Special Education.
  • State testing and adopted and appropriate accommodations/modification.
  • All areas of special education including, but not limited to: behavior management techniques learning theories. curriculum development and functional/vocational development.
  • Current laws and regulations pertaining to students with disabilities.
  • Policies and procedures pertaining to IEP ‘s.


  • Maintain confidentiality .
  • Implement all areas of special education including: behavior management techniques, learning theories. curriculum and vocational development, current practices pertaining to students with disabilities.
  • Establish and maintain effective relationships with administrators. teachers. district, classified personnel, parents and students.
  • Plan, organize and prepare IEPs for educational benefit, and behavior and transition plans as appropriate.
  • Exercise initiative and possess mature judgment .
  • Communicate effectively both orally and in written form .
  • Facilitate problem solving with diverse groups of educators .
  • Analyze student data for decision-making .
  • Develop, deliver, and monitor the effectiveness of support services .
  • Manage student behavior by providing a safe and optimal learning environment.
  • Prepare teaching materials and reports (e.g. grade, attendance, anecdotal records. etc.) for the purpose of implementing instructional plans and providing documentation of teacher and student progress.
  • Report incidents (e.g. fights, suspected child abuse. suspected substance abuse. etc.) and
    maintain personal safety of students.
  • Provide a positive learning environment while adhering to Education Code. district and/or school policies.
  • Assist other instructional staff in the completion of required work activities .
  • Participate in various meeting as required .

The physical requirements indicated below are examples of the physical aspects that this position classification must perform in carrying out essential job function.

  • Persons performing service in this position classification will exert 10 to 20 pounds of force frequently to lift. carry. push, pull, or otherwise move objects. This type of work requires the ability to coordinate hands and eyes rapidly and accurately in using computer equipment. This type of work involves sitting most of the lime. but may involve walking and standing for brief periods.
  • Perceiving the nature of sound, near and far vision, depth perception, providing oral information, the manual dexterity to operate business related equipment. and handle and work with various materials and objects ore important aspects of this job.
  • Persons must be physically able to operate a motor vehicle.

Salary and work year to be established by County Superintendent.

How to Apply: Apply online at and search for the job title. 

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: None