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Cal Pines CSD Fire Dept. is looking for Full-Time Entry-Level Fire Fighters.  These are permanent positions.

Job Summary: Be physically and mentally prepared to safely perform general forestry projects, Wildland fire suppression and other emergency services as an integral part of a team that will endure long hours in adverse conditions.

Salary: $2,920.00 per month

Basic Schedule: 48/96 hour rotation, 48 hour shift with 96 hours off, repeating.  7am-7am.

Additional shifts are considered overtime rates and any contracted Fire is paid out at an hourly rate set by OES’s annual salary survey.

Key Character Traits for this Position:

  • Alertness, Teamwork, Effectiveness, Initiative, Positive Attitude
    Diligence, Dependability, Flexibility, Reliability, Endurance

Physical Demands:

  • Possess ability to perform hard manual labor on steep terrain, using chain saws and hand tools and to lift and carry up to 100 pounds.  You may be required to walk ten miles or more per day.
  • Walking/Climbing – Surfaces can be any of the following; forest turf and duff, rocks, gravel, or pavement. Terrain may be flat to steep.
  • Carry – 10-50 pounds continuously, 50-100 pounds occasionally. Wear personal backpack while working.
  • Pushing/Pulling – 20-30 pounds of force, pushing hand tools into dirt and pulling away topsoil several inches below surface and pulling to scrape to mineral soil continuously.
  • Bending/Twisting – From waist and knees to assume position when digging fire line.
  • Lifting/Reaching/Handling/Grasping when digging fire line or utilizing other equipment.

Work Environment:

Working conditions include working in a crew (team) environment, outside in varying weather conditions. May be required to work in an environment where there are fumes, smoke, noise, chemicals, dirt, and dust. May be on duty 16 hours or more a day, including travel time from the base to work site and back. May involve extended time away from home and depending on the fire location, you may work 21 days straight before a day off. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this position.


  • Valid CA Driver’s License.
  • Must be able to pass criminal background check.

To Apply: Contact Captain Justin Ulrich at 530-708-2951 with questions.

EOE: Minority/Female/Disabled/Veteran. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status.

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: None
Driver's License Required: Yes
Hiring Requirements for This Job:
  • Drug Testing / Screening
  • Background Checks
  • Salary: $2,600 Monthly