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The Fire Chief shall plan, organize, direct, and operations of the District in the protections of life and property from lass due to fire. The fire Chief shall manage the operations of the Department, develop programs for the fire prevention and perform related work as required. The Fire Chief shall report directly to the Board of Directors and shall have the specific duties as follows:

a) Shall be responsible for all fire and rescue activities including extinguishing of fires, fire protection, fire prevention services, emergency medical hazardous material response, incident investigation and reporting, and fire alarm communications.

b) Within the discretion and authority granted by the Board of Directors. District ordinances and resolutions, and applicable State statutes, the Fire chief shall enforce all laws pertaining to fire control and fire hazards within the District.

c) The Fire Chief shall implement the ordinances. resolutions. policies and procedures of the District as directed by the Board of Directors.

d) Shall communicate to the Board of Directors and and all information that could assist the Board in the administration, operation, and maintenance of the services provided by the District in order for the Board of Directors to fulfill its public oversight responsibility. The Chief shall conduct Fire Department correspondence and inform the Board of Directors activities and actions. Copies of all relevant Department correspondence and documentation shall be forwarded to the District Office Administrator when received.

e) Shall attend the District Board meetings and send an alternate representative.

f) Shall help formulate, prepare, and administer Department budget and Master Plan in conjunction with the Board.

g) Shall work, through their position to facilitate communication within the Department and between the Department, the Board of Directors and the community.

h) When requested to do so by the Board of Directors, shall assist in drafting and shall recommend modifications of District policy as necessary to carry out the responsibilities of the District.

i) Shall help develop and maintain a Firefighter’s Guide of Standard Operation Guidelines (SOG’s) that includes prescribed specification and manner of wear of Department uniforms and personal protective equipment (PPE)

j) Has full responsibility and authority for the general supervision of all response personnel.

k) Shall promote a sense of publics service and responsibilities in all response personnel.

l) Shall appoint officers, develop job descriptions, promote officer training and rotation, and ensure that the Department Training Program.

m) Maintains a firefighters recruitment program for the District, formalizing a new recruit Fire Department Training Program.

n) Shall be responsible for planning, directing, coordinating, administering, and oversight of the Fire Department Training Program and certify that required programs are being provided. He/she shall delegate Department responsibilities as necessary for the efficient operation of the Department.

o) Maintains an accurate roster of current firefighters and their training records. Informs the District Office Administrator of any changes as they occur.

p) Shall supply the District Office Administrator with driver’s license records and shall give immediate notice of any changes therein, He/she shall notify the Board of Directors of any revocation of driver’s licenses or expiration.

q)Shall be responsible for the discipline, suspension, and/or termination of all subordinate officers and response personnel in accordance with District ordinances, resolutions, policies and procedures. Disciplinary decisions of the Chief may be appealed pursuant to procedures established by District policy. Maintains a record of verbal or written formal warnings, complaints and disciplinary actions against response personnel and shall advise individuals of such entries into their personnel file. Personnel files on members of the Department shall be kept confidential and under the control of the District Office Administrator.

r) Exercised command over all fire and rescue equipment belonging to the District and shall maintain an inventory of same, recommending to the Board of Directors and purchase of new equipment and sale of old. Shall notify the Board of Directors of any damage to District property or any damage caused by third parties by District personnel.

s) Shall have authority to site District equipment.

t) Authorizes and approved invoices for payment with signature and date. Purchases and disposes of Department property in accordance with Board of Directors direction.

u) Shall maintain with the  Medical Training Officer, records of all CPR and pertinent medical certificates for all response personnel.

v) Except in an emergency shall seek Board of Directors approval for utilization of resource used outside the District.

w) The Fire Chief shall develop and maintain a chain of command and shall provide a management plan with an organizational chart to the Board of Directors on an annual basis.

x) The Fire Chief shall have responsibilities for delegating authority and tasks as necessary.

Nothing in this job description shall be construed to limit the inherent or statutory responsibility, power, and authority granted to the Fire Chief by the Board of Directors or other applicable statutes (County, State, or Federal) in the operations of extinguishing any fire and taking the necessary precautions to prevent the spread thereof.

Qualifications: Applicants for the position of Fire Chief shall meet the following minimum qualifications:

  • A minimum of three (3) years’ experience with a Fire Department (preferably rural). One (1) year experience in the position of a Fire Chief Officer.
  • Candidates without prior professional fire service experience must serve one year as an EPRFPD Administrative Captain or EPRFPD Assistant Fire Chief/ Battalion Chief.
  • Must meet minimum Firefighter qualifications of this section
  • Extensive and demonstrated experience in the fire service and demonstrated leadership ability.
  • The Fire Chief shall reside with the responses area of EPRFPD
  • ICS 100, 200 & 700

Additional Qualifications

  • CA Fire Officer Certification
  • Additional Fire/EMS Instructor Qualifications
  • CSFM Firefighter 1 or 2
  • Driver Operator 1B /CA CLASS A CDL
  • Command 1A & 1B / Instructor 1A & 1B
  • ICS 300 & 400

Equal Opportunity Employer

Minimum Education and Experience

Minimum Months of Experience: 36
Education Required: Vocational Certificate
Driver's License Required: Yes
Hiring Requirements for This Job:
  • Drug Testing / Screening
  • Background Checks
  • Credit Check
  • Reference Check
  • Motor Vehicle Record Check
  • Physical
  • About Eastern Plumas Rural FIre

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