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Conservation Tech Aide

Resource Conservation District of Tehama County
Days/Hours: Monday – Friday / 8 hour days
Wage Range: $13.00 – $14.00 per hour

Resource Conservation District of Tehama County is currently looking for a Full-time Conservation Tech Aide. This position will be helping with clearing defensible space for the elderly and disabled low income individuals in Tehama County. They will also be spotting the “masticator machine” which is like a chipping machine to make sure no sparks occur, loading and unloading equipment, and working on I-5 watering project.

1. Able to proficiently operate ordinary pickup trucks on local roadways, highways, and freeways. Able to tow small equipment such as a chipper or porta potty. Able to back up while towing equipment.
2. Able to safely and effectively utilize hand tools including but not limited to shovel, weed eater, handsaw, power saw and pruning tools.
3. Able to complete tasks in maintaining roadside shaded fire fuel breaks including but not limited to felling small trees, clearing brush and maintaining width of breaks with hand tools.
4. Able to plant tree and vegetation seedlings in a specified pattern using hand tools or power equipment.
5. Able to prune trees and shrubs cutting out diseased, weak or undesirable material.
6. Able to clear and pile brush limbs and other debris from roadsides.
7. Able to safely and appropriately assist with wood chipper operations.
8. Able to safely and effectively assist with application of herbicides with hand or powered sprayer to control weed growth along highways.
9. Complete safety training on using various equipment including chainsaw, weed eater, wood chipper, and herbicides.
10. Ability to read, comprehend and retain the content of CalFire guideline materials for creating and maintaining residential defensible space.
11. Able to assist with creating or maintaining residential defensible space performing tasks such as; mowing, watering, weed control, trimming hedges and trees, planting trees or shrubs, care for and/or fertilize as necessary.
12. Able to assist in maintenance of irrigation system such as; install, maintain, and make repairs to sprinkler systems, including but not limited to, replacing damaged sprinklers and emitters and associated piping.
13. Able to support and adhere to the guidelines and regulations set forth in each program.
14. Gain a basic understanding of the various facets of resource conservation including but not limited to erosion control, fuel reduction, re-vegetation, restoration and watershed management.
15. Able to assist in the maintenance of RCDTC vehicles, field equipment, and hand tools.
16. Able to assure all tools are in good working order, refueling equipment and assist in repairs and troubleshooting, load tools and supplies into vehicles.
17. Able to assist Project Manager and Conservation Technicians and follow their directions in preparation for project work.
18. Able to work cooperatively with Conservation Technicians and Project Managers in assisting with CCC Crews and inmate crews.
19. Able to perform daily, show up on time as instructed, and follow the direction of supervisors as to work tasks required during the day.
20. Able to bring malfunctions to the attention of supervisors and work as part of a team to correct any issues.
21. Able to complete accurate records pertaining to time worked and vehicles or equipment used on various projects.
22. Able to test and obtain the necessary certification in traffic control flagging for roadside construction work (4 hour online course).
23. Able to assist in documenting accurate and detailed paperwork pertaining to site projects and work accomplished.
24. Able to effectively communicate with Conservation Technicians, Project Managers, other coworkers and outside contractors/subcontractors.
25. Able to maintain cleanliness and organization of worksites, vehicles, workspace, tools, equipment, and records.
26. Able to follow district policies, procedures and safety measures.
27. Ability to read, comprehend and retain the content of simple written instructions, short correspondence, and procedure manuals.
28. Has basic computer knowledge for effectively communicating via e-mail, and using the internet for training and gathering information.
29. Able to use basic Excel worksheets for completing time sheets and basic data entry as needed.
30. Ability to use sound judgment and reasoning to perform the essential functions of the job.
31. Able to act with respect and courtesy so as to represent the values and standards of the RCD when dealing with landowners, the public, Agencies or other outside personnel.
32. Ability to work independently with a minimum of guidance and supervision, following oral and written directions.
33. Must have a clean driving record
34. Must be an experienced driver

To Apply: Submit a complete Standard Application, resume either in person at JTC or by emailing it to, and call to schedule a prescreen with JTC staff.

Minimum Education and Experience