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Role Summary:
We’re looking for a skilled/apprentice glazier to add to our growing staff. In this position, you will need to be familiar with various types of glass and the techniques. You will also be responsible for measuring, cutting, and installing glass to meet our clients’ specifications. Be able to carry large objects and regularly use ladders. This position requires the ability to stand, sit, kneel and squat for prolonged periods.

Measure and cut the glass to ensure it meets job specifications.

Install the glass where it’s needed, using caution and safety techniques.

Load and unload glass panels as directed.

Remove old pieces of glass from doors, windows, and displays.

Physical ability to lift heavy glass panels regularly.

Valid driver’s license (preferable)

Professional attitude and appearance

Written, verbal and interpersonal communication
Stamina: Since being a glazier can be a physically- demanding job, those who take on this role must have a high level of stamina. Not only should they be able to stand, kneel and sit for long periods, but they must also be able to hold heavy pieces of glass until they have been fully installed.
Balance: Since they are required to work on ladders and scaffolds, glaziers must possess a good level of balance to avoid falls and injuries.
Hand-eye coordination: Since many of the glass pieces must be cut by hand, a glazier should have great hand-eye coordination.
Reading Comprehension: Glaziers must have good reading comprehension to read material such as work orders, tape measures, and guides.
Dependable and friendly: Considering the urgent nature of the issues that may arise in this field, glaziers must be very dependable and punctual. As well as friendly to both customers and fellow employees.

To send resume:

Wage range: $20 to $30.00 DOE


Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: None
Minimum Hourly Wage: 20.00
Maximum Hourly Wage: 30.00
Accessible by Public Transportation: No