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Wet Side, $18 per hour plus $1.00 shift differential
Monday – Thursday 9pm-7:30am

Immediate Supervisor: Sanitation Supervisor

FLSA: Non-Exempt

In case of Absence: Workload will be adjusted accordingly

Safety and Plant Policies & Regulations

• Understand and comply with Cal-Osha regulations and Company policies as they pertain to the safety of all employees.

• Read, understand and acknowledge company policies as written in the Employee Handbook

• All employees are required to adhere to all Food Safety requirements and programs including but not limited to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), Food Defense and Allergen Programs. Food safety training will be completed a minimum of once a year.


Clean and sanitize all equipment and machinery in the Packing, Shelling, Sizing, Pasteurizer, Butter Line, Almond Production, Retail and Laser Departments.

Key Duties:

• It is the responsibility of each sanitation member to communicate with other members of the team as well as leads, supervisors, and other departments in the facility.

• Any maintenance issues, injuries, and potential food safety or employee safety concerns need to be reported to a lead or supervisor.

• Cleaning duties include; using cleaning supplies and chemicals such Isopropyl Alcohol 70% and other approved chemical cleaners using an air gun to blow any loose product and meal, and pulling and pushing with an extendable pole to clean vibrating conveyors, hoppers and other surfaces.

• All sanitation members will be responsible for climbing up and down ladders and stairs and operating boom lifts and scissor lifts in a safe manner to reach the tops of structures in each department.

• Tasks change daily to fulfill the sanitation master frequency schedule.

• The sanitation members will work as a team to complete all assigned daily tasks.

Wet Side:

• When working on the wet side, Sanitation members are often required to wear extra Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) including a rain suit, face shield, and chemical resistant boots. This PPE suit is not breathable and gets hot quickly when working in the pasteurizer and during the summer months. This extra PPE is only worn by wet side sanitation members to protect themselves from the higher concentration of chemical being used when performing an allergen clean. An allergen clean is when the sanitation team cleans one type of tree nut so production can run a different type of tree nut the next day (i.e. cleaning walnuts so production can run almonds).

• Wet Side sanitation members are responsible for assembling and disassembling pieces in both the retail and pasteurizer departments and transporting those pieces to the outside wash down area.

• In the wash down area, members use foamers with 9% chemical and pressure washers to allergen clean the pieces, tools, buckets, and brooms.

• After the pieces are assembled and an inspection has been done by all sanitation employees and leads, an allergen test is performed to document a successful allergen clean.

• Staff must fill out a pre-operations check list prior to shift. They also must keep detailed logs of sanitation tasks daily and stay on schedule with tasks to be done daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

• Other duties as assigned

To Apply:

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: None