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Job Order: 18324686
Job Title: H-2A Job. Farmworker – AG Equipment Operators
Type of Job: Temporary
Job Time Type: Full Time (30 Hours or More)
Job Description: JOB SEEKER: this is an H-2A JOB — the employer provides assurances of wages, housing, and transportation. If you are qualified and interested in this job, please provide the job listing number 18324686 to:

Rosa Mena
Employment Program Representative
Workforce Services
530-225-2561 Desk
530-225-2185 Office
530-225-2206 Fax


6/1/22 – 10/31/22
7:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. Monday to Saturday
$17.51 Per Hour

Job Duties
Equipment Operators will be responsible for running various types of haying, forage, harvesting and land development equipment. Workers will operate swathers, balers, rakes, bale wagons, tractors up to 500 hp, tractor implements, harvesters, fertilizer buggies. They will be responsible for general maintenance of the equipment which involves greasing equipment and checking engine fluids daily. Small repairs of equipment may be necessary. Equipment operators are expected to maintain good equipment and maintenance records. They will be asked to work both day and night shifts in 10 to 12 hour shifts depending on the type of equipment they will be running. Good safety skills of operating the equipment are mandatory. Equipment operators may be asked from time to time to work in other areas of the ranch, performing repairs, maintenance and general farm duties. Workers must have 3 months of experience operating 500 hp tractors or greater. A worker can earn bonuses based on performance. Bonuses are based on performance and are at the sole discretion of the employer.

H-2A General Assurances (guarantees to workers)

The employer must provide free housing to all workers who are not reasonably able to return to their residences the same day.

The employer must provide either three meals a day to each worker or furnish free and convenient cooking and kitchen facilities. If meals are provided, the employer may charge each worker a certain amount per day for the three meals.


  1. After a worker has completed 50 percent of the work contract period, the employer must reimburse the worker for the cost of transportation and subsistence form the place of recruitment to the place or work, if such costs were borne by the worker.
  2. The employer must provide free transportation between the employer’s housing and the work site for any worker who is provided housing.
  3. Upon completion of the work contract, the employer must pay the worker’s subsistence and return transportation to the place of recruitment.
  4. Special conditions apply when the worker will not be returning to the place of recruitment because of another job.

Workers Compensation Insurance
The employer must provide workers’ compensation insurance where it is required by law.

Tools and Supplies
The employer must furnish at no cost to the worker all tools and supplies necessary to carry out the work unless it is common practice in the area and occupation for the worker to provide certain items.

Three-fourth Guarantee
The employer must guarantee to offer each worker employment for at least three-fourths of the workdays in the work contract period and any extensions. If the employer affords less employment, then the employer must pay the amount which the worker would have earned had the worker been employed the guaranteed number of days.

Other Conditions

  1. The employer must provide the worker a complete statement of hours worked and related earnings on each payday.
  2. The employer must pay the worker at least twice monthly or more frequently if it is in the prevailing practice to do so.
  3. The employer must provide a copy of a work contract or the job order to each worker.
  4. The employer shall comply with applicable federal, state, and local employment – related laws and regulations, including employment-related health and safety laws.
  5. No U.S. worker will be rejected for or terminated from employment for other than a lawful-job-related reason and notification of all rejections or terminations shall be made to EDD.
  6. The employer shall not retaliate against any person who files a complaint against the employer.

Garantías para el Trabajador

El empleador debe proporcionar alojamiento gratuito a todos los trabajadores que no puedan regresar razonablemente a sus residencias el mismo día.

El empleador debe proporcionar tres comidas al día a cada trabajador o proporcionar cocina y utensilios gratuitos y convenientes. Si las comidas se proporcionan, el empleador puede cobrar a cada trabajador una cierta cantidad por día para cubrir las tres comidas.


  1. Después de que el trabajador haya cumplido el 50 por ciento del período total de contrato de trabajo, el empleador deberá reembolsar al trabajador los gastos de transporte y subsistencia del lugar de contratación del lugar o del trabajo.
  2. El empleador debe proporcionar transporte gratuito entre la vivienda del empleador y el lugar de trabajo para cualquier trabajador que viva en la vivienda proporcionada por el empleador.
  3. Una vez completado el contrato de trabajo, el empleador debe pagar la subsistencia del trabajador y el transporte de regreso al lugar de reclutamiento.
  4. Se aplican condiciones especiales cuando el trabajador no regresará al lugar de reclutamiento debido a otro trabajo.

Seguro de Compensación de Trabajadores
El empleador debe proveer seguro de compensación al trabajador cuando sea requerido por la ley.

Herramientas y Suministros
El empleador debe proporcionar sin costo al trabajador todas las herramientas y suministros necesarios para llevar a cabo el trabajo, a menos que sea una práctica común en el área y ocupación para que el trabajador proporcione ciertos artículos.

Garantía de Tres Cuartos (garantía de pago por tiempo de empleo)
El empleador debe garantizar ofrecer a cada trabajador un empleo durante al menos tres cuartos de los días laborables en el período del contrato de trabajo y cualquier extensión. Si el empleador proporciona menos empleo, entonces el empleador debe pagar la cantidad que el trabajador habría ganado si el trabajador hubiera estado empleado el número de días garantizados.

Otras Condiciones

  1. El empleador debe proporcionar al trabajador una declaración completa de horas trabajadas y ganancias relacionadas en cada día de pago.
  2. El empleador debe pagar al trabajador por lo menos dos veces al mes o más frecuentemente si está en la práctica dominante para hacerlo.
  3. El empleador debe proporcionar una copia de un contrato de trabajo o la orden de trabajo a cada trabajador.
  4. El empleador deberá cumplir con las leyes y regulaciones federales, estatales y locales aplicables, incluyendo las leyes de salud y seguridad relacionadas con el empleo.
  5. Ningún trabajador de los Estados Unidos será rechazado por o terminado su empleo por otro motivo que no sea un motivo legal relacionado con el trabajo y la notificación de todos los rechazos o terminaciones será hecha al departamento de empleo, EDD.
  6. El empleador no tomará represalias contra cualquier persona que presente una queja contra el empleador.

Minimum Education and Experience

Minimum Months of Experience: 3
Education Required: None
Minimum Hourly Wage: 17.51