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Title: Health IT Program Specialist

Reports To: Chief Information Officer

Location: Yreka Clinic

Salary: $18 to $28 per hour, depending on experience

Classification: Full Time, Regular, Non-Exempt, Non-Entry Level

Summary: Serves as a specialist and integrator in the implementation and ongoing support of multi-service clinical software applications used for the Karuk Tribe                      Health and Human Services (KTHHS) Electronic Medical, Dental and Behavioral Health Records (EHR).
The position supports the interface between providers/medical staff and the EHR. The
duties involve the daily deployment, operation and maintenance of the EHR software
packages, and consulting with KTHHS staff on training and customization of the EHR
packages as well as how the packages integrate with each other. The Program Specialist
also works with other KTHHS staff including Information Technology and the RPMS
Site Manager with responsibility for a broad range of activities surrounding the
implementation of a comprehensive, standardized integrated health care information
system. The Program Specialist works closely with Indian Health Services (IHS) at the
Area (state) and National levels to integrate, improve and revise the EHR systems.
Participates in testing of new functionalities and capabilities within the various software packages.
                    Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

Applications are available at all Tribal Offices or on the Internet at The Karuk Tribe’s (TERO) Preference and Drug & Alcohol Policy apply.

If selected applicants must successfully pass a drug screening test and be willing to submit to a criminal background check.

Job descriptions are available online at: or by contacting the Human Resources
Department, Telephone (530) 493-1600 ext. 2043, Fax: (855) 437-7888, Email:

1. Is responsible for the implementation and support of multi-service software packages that automate the capture of clinical encounter information and its subsequent retrieval.
2. The application coordinator manages the customization of the site parameters and addresses integration issues with other software packages.
3. Assists in the implementation of new software products obtained by the facility that cover these functions.
4. Analyzes and evaluates processes related to information flow.
5. Serves as liaison between service lines concerning these processes.
6. Acquires a comprehensive knowledge of the software involved to determine what are procedural issues versus system/application deficiencies.
7. Assists staff in the efficient use of the current software.
8. Serves on KTHHS teams, wherever and whenever management determines the skills and talents of the incumbent would be best utilized.
9. Establishes effective interpersonal relationships with all levels of KTHHS personnel.
10. Promotes an atmosphere that encourages enthusiasm and user participation in clinical computing.
11. Creates a positive environment for reporting application and/or system deficiencies and suggestions for system improvements and enhanced functionality.
12. Promotes an awareness of the importance of data validity and data security.
13. Coordinates efforts to correct deficiencies and errors that occur in the electronic record.
14. Provides training to all services on current software applications, new features and insures training is scheduled for new users.
15. Emphasizes timeliness, accuracy, security and the importance of these functions on every clinical application.
16. Works with various departments and their staff in the refining and evaluation of existing health-related software modules and programs.
17. Maintains awareness and comprehensive understanding of all clinical software activities throughout the service unit.
18. Coordinates with Information Technology staff and RPMS Site Manager to implement integrated packages, resolve conflicts, provide secondary support on related software modules, and insure smooth operations in areas where package scope overlaps or is integrated with other services’ functions.
19. Logs all problems, referring those requiring a higher level of technical support to the appropriate person or team.
20. Must attend appropriate electronic health records trainings provided by Indian Health Service or other agencies.
21. Reports data for program’s subcontract requirements to Plumas County Title III HIV care grant on a quarterly basis.
22. Assists IT colleagues with non-clinical software and hardware management and maintenance when necessary.
23. Shall be available for local and out of the area travel as required for job related training.
Shall attend all required meetings and functions as requested.
24. Shall be polite and maintain a priority system in accepting other job-related duties as assigned.

1. Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with peers and superiors, to speak in front of groups and to communicate in writing policies, procedures, memoranda and training materials. Ability to operate and communicate effectively while under pressure is essential.
2. Experience serving as a liaison between groups within an organization, as an effective member of organizational teams and in coordinating software implementation projects.
3. Working knowledge of the clinical environment and how the different services and functions interact.
4. Knowledge of current healthcare industry privacy laws and security requirements.
5. Working knowledge of current Indian Health Service EHR clinical software applications.
6. Demonstrates the ability to work effectively with Native American people in culturally diverse environments.
7. Exhibits the ability to manage time well and work under stressful conditions with an even temperament.
8. Displays the ability to establish and maintain harmonious working relationships with other employees and the public.
9. Demonstrates the ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.
10. Ability to work independently, to plan, coordinate and implement projects and to complete projects on schedule.

1. Must have a high school diploma or equivalency.
2. Must have one-year of experience in a health care environment.
Must have one year of computer experience, and be computer literate.
3. Have 6 months experience with the RPMS system OR 1-year experience with a health electronic database.
4. Must possess valid driver’s license, good driving record, and be insurable by the Tribe’s insurance carrier.
5. Must provide documentation of immunity to measles and rubella or become vaccinated with the recommended vaccines and Hepatitis B vaccine. Must test for TB at time of hire and per CDC guidelines as required. Must have an annual health exam and a Flu Immunization and a COVID-19 vaccination or exemption as required.
6. Must adhere to confidentiality and HIPAA policies.
7. Must successfully pass a pre-employment drug screening test and be willing to submit to a criminal background check.

Tribal Preference Policy: In accordance with the TERO Ordinance 93-0-01, Tribal Preference will be observed in hiring.

Veteran’s Preference: It shall be the policy of the Karuk Tribe to provide preference in hiring to qualified applicants claiming Veteran’s Preference who have been discharged from the United States Armed Forces with honorable and under honorable conditions.

Minimum Education and Experience

Minimum Months of Experience: 12
Education Required: High School
Driver's License Required: Yes
Hiring Requirements for This Job:
  • Drug Testing / Screening
  • Background Checks
  • Minimum Hourly Wage: 18.00
    Maximum Hourly Wage: 28.00