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POSITION SUMMARY: Maintain the following areas in a clean, sanitary, safe, orderly, and
attractive manner to assure the highest degree of cleanliness and sanitation is maintained at all times in accordance with established policies and procedures and directions from the
Supervisor: patient rooms, baths, showers and procedure rooms, laboratories, offices,
entryways, lobby, hallways, emergency rooms, surgery, outbuildings, and any other areas
related to the job responsibilities.

EDUCATION: High School graduate or equivalent.

EXPERIENCE: Not essential – on the job training.

1. Ability to lift or move up to 50 pounds frequently.
2. Ability to constantly push and pull equipment, furniture, etc.
3. Ability to read and understand instructions, safety rules, etc.
4. Ability to apply common sense and understanding to carry out instructions.
5. Ability to use machines needed for work.
1. Follow cleaning schedules, established policies and procedures and instructions from the
2. Perform terminal cleaning procedures as instructed when a patient is discharged and/or
transferred to another room/area to assure that the room is ready for new occupancy.
3. Perform cleaning/sanitizing procedures in isolation room/areas as instructed and in
accordance with established infection control policies and procedures.
4. Assure that the facility is maintained in a clean, safe, and orderly manner for patient
comfort and convenience.
5. Clean all vacant areas as assigned to ensure that they are ready for occupancy.
6. Clean/polish furnishings, fixtures, ledges, vents, light covers, room heating/cooling units,
televisions, etc.
7. Clean, wash, sanitize and/or polish all bathroom fixtures, including sinks, toilets, showers,
8. Clean windows inside and out and mirrors in every area of the facility.
9. Clean all outbuildings in accordance with Supervisor’s instructions and any policies or
procedures established for those specific areas.
10. Clean floors including sweeping, dusting, damp/wet mopping, disinfecting, etc. as
instructed. Ensure that wet floor signs are used or unsafe floor areas are restricted or
roped off.
11. Clean carpets including vacuuming, spot cleaning, shampooing, spin buffing, and
disinfecting as instructed.
12. Clean walls and ceilings by washing, wiping, dusting, spot cleaning, and disinfecting as
13. Remove all dirt and foreign substances from all surfaces, equipment, and furnishings using
proper cleaning/disinfecting solutions.
14. Clean hallways and entryways as instructed.
15. Dispose of all waste in accordance with policies and procedures for handling, transporting,
containment, and storage.
16. Report all unsafe hazards, conditions, security problems, and defective equipment to
appropriate personnel using methods specified.
17. Ensure supplies are replenished inside the housekeeping storage area and in all areas of the facility including admit kits and personal protective equipment.
18. Make beds whenever necessary and strip rooms for cleaning whenever necessary.
19. Assure that housekeeping areas are clean and free from hazards and that all carts,
solutions, etc. are properly stored at the end of the workday.
20. Follow all general, departmental, safety, security, and health policies and procedures.
Utilize all safe work practices recommended for the department.
21. May be required to perform other related duties and activities as assigned.

1. Work in all areas of the facility.
2. Subject to frequent work interruptions.
3. Willingness to work beyond normal working hours and take a fair share of on-call hours.
4. Attend and participate in all continuing education as required.
5. Subject to reactions from dust, cleaning and disinfecting solutions, odors, etc.
6. May be subjected to infectious diseases, substances, etc.
7. Communicate with nursing and all other pertinent personnel.

SUPERVISED BY: Environmental Services Manager
ORGANIZATIONAL POSITION: Environmental Services Department


To apply electronically, please download the application and save it to your computer. Open the file and select “Fill & Sign” from the options on the right. Email your completed application to the email below for Human Resources.

You can also print and fill out the application. When finished fax or bring to the SHD Admin office: 199 Reynolds Road, Chester, CA 96020

Contact Human Resources

Jennie Matthews
PH: 530.258.2159
FAX: 530.258.4248

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: High School
Driver's License Required: Yes
Hiring Requirements for this Job:
  • Drug Testing / Screening
  • Background Checks
  • Reference Check
  • Accessible by Public Transportation: No
    Salary Range: DOE