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Inventory Control Specialist/Dispatcher  

Job Description 

The Inventory Control Specialist is a professional responsible for handling all equipment going in and out of the company and ensuring that all orders are processed correctly. They manage all equipment and oversee the inventory. They must also correct any issues regarding inventory management. As the dispatcher, a portion of your job duties require communicating with the field technicians to ensure the proper tracking and reporting of equipment used onsite.

Working at Shastabeam as the Inventory Control Specialist/Dispatcher, you will be expected to learn all things inventory related. The list below represents the job roles, but as the business continues to grow, so will the job responsibilities.

Inventory Control Specialist:  

  • Sell excess equipment on a regular basis.  List on Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, craigslist, etc. as necessary.
  • Keep track of all equipment associated with the business operations.  This includes Wireless and Beacon Divisions.  Inventory includes Routers, Modems, Radios, Antennas, Sim Cards, and other installation parts and accessories that are used in delivering service to customers.
  • Daily management of inventory levels.  Create Purchase Orders, place orders as needed to maintain inventory levels.  Keep records of vendor pricing.
  • Take monthly inventory of all equipment.  Report discrepancies between physical counts and computer records. Reconcile inventory in software.  
  • Developing or improving upon inventory management procedures.
  • Organizing, stocking and preparing supplies, equipment or merchandise for daily operations.  This includes setting up equipment for all customer installations and service calls.
  • Process track, and ship RMA equipment as necessary.
  • Complete various reports and logs as needed to main accurate inventory management and control.
  • Process equipment retrievals and ensure equipment return procedures are followed.
  • Audit each technicians’ daily jobs to verify all equipment is accounted for before issuing more equipment.  Check yesterday’s jobs to keep truck inventory in balance with system inventory.
  • Complete data entry in company software as required and necessary.
  • Prepare, Package and Ship Beacon Orders as necessary.
  • Assist Managers as needed.
  • Ensure all procedures are followed and deadlines are met.
  • Keep warehouse facilities clean and orderly.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Inventory Dispatcher:

  • Dispatcher will note ALL communications with customers and technicians on the customer’s account. 
  • Receive calls from technicians verifying work done onsite.  Technicians will call Dispatcher before leaving each jobsite and verify what was done as well as what equipment was used.  Confirm MAC ID’s, Sim Card #’s, etc. and any required information the tech is supposed to do on the job, i.e pictures, etc.
  • Communicate throughout the day with technicians who have needs and questions about scheduling/inventory/order questions.
  • Dispatcher will call all “Customer No Shows” while tech is onsite to reschedule and or to confirm that the tech is onsite. Dispatcher will note accordingly on the customer’s account. 
  • Update Customer Name / ID / equipment in BECentral as necessary. 
  • Add Google SAS information for LTE Installations. 
  • More as necessary. 


Typical Hours:  

Monday-Friday 7am to 4pm

Pay Range: 

$18-$22 per hour

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: High School
Hiring Requirements for this Job:
  • Drug Testing / Screening
  • Background Checks
  • Motor Vehicle Record Check
  • Physical
  • Minimum Hourly Wage: 18.00
    Maximum Hourly Wage: 22.00