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Department: 58 Laser/Sheller

Title of Position: Inventory/Laser/Sheller Forklift Operator

Immediate Supervisor: Department Supervisor

FSLA: Non- Exempt

In Case of Absence: Workload will be adjusted accordingly

Safety and Plant Policies & Regulations:

• Understand and comply with Cal-Osha regulations and Company policies as they pertain to the safety of all employees.

• Read, understand, and acknowledge company policies as written in the Employee Handbook

• All employees are required to adhere to all Food Safety requirements and programs including but not limited to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), Food Defense and Allergen Programs. Food safety training will be completed a minimum of once a year


Laser/Sheller Forklift Operator’s main responsibility is to feed the Sheller at a constant speed to meet company goals.

Key Duties:

• It is the responsibility of the Forklift Operator to clock in at the time of shift.

• Forklift Operator to be certified in house, on a forklift and comply with all safety regulations.

• Operator must be trained in lift safety and pedestrian safety. Using a forklift, must be willing to move, stack and maneuver bins weighing in excess of 2,000lbs in various conditions and locations throughout the facility

• They must be comfortable with a computer, scale, bar code scanner and ensure that bins are properly weighted /tagged and moved

• They are responsible for reporting anything out of compliance with regulation to their immediate supervisor.

• They are also responsible for their daily forklift checklist, and then communicating when lift must be serviced with supervisor.

• Day to day tasks will range from moving bins and then, scanning bin to new location, safely driving forklift and helping where needed.

• They are responsible for the day to day cleaning and sanitation of their lift.

• They are responsible for reporting any injuries or concerns that may take place while on shift

• Must understand how to troubleshoot the Sheller Printer and change out labels.

• Must be able to communicate effectively with 2nd shift Forklift Operator to ensure that the correct product is processed and labeled correctly

Duties will include, but not limited to;

o Feeding the empty bins for receiving

o Storing bins (Product Movement Verification Log)

o Staging product for Inshell Line

o Staging product for Sheller

o Using a barcode scanner to document relocation of product.

• Other duties as assigned

To Apply: 


Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: None