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Capay Farms

Orland, CA

Full-Time Position

Closing Date: Until Filled

Hours Per Week: 40+, Weekends as Needed

Pay: $65K + Dependent on Experience

Irrigation manager position at Capay Farms works with the field management team to aid and collaborate in the use of irrigation technology and agronomic techniques to maximize the cropping potential of our orchards.

Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Irrigation System Evaluation and Performance Review

  • Utilize an understanding of irrigation techniques and sensor technology to assure adequate water is applied throughout the growing season
  • Assist and coordinate Distribution Uniformity evaluations of the water delivery systems of each orchard
  • Develop irrigation schedules using evapotranspiration, soil moisture probes, and field observations
  • Coordinate irrigation repairs and maintenance projects with inhouse team & outside vendors

Pump Station Monitoring and Efficiency Oversight

  • Use remote sensing and field reports to monitor and maintain proper operating pressures for the filtration and irrigation system
  • Document flow rates, well water levels, and pump performance
  • Assist in the education of the field crew in proper operation and maintenance of the pump and filter stations
  • Assist with company efforts to adopt automation throughout the irrigation systems and pump station
  • Analyze and employ variable frequency drives

Crop Health and Hands on Field Observations

  • Manage and report pressure chamber readings, aerial imaging, and other plant health sensors to evaluate crop stress
  • Install, maintain, and calibration of soil moisture probes, weather stations, and other field sensors
  • Collect and analyze water samples for irrigation suitability and plugging potential
  • Supervise the installation and maintenance of the fertigation and water treatment materials

Sustainability and Natural Resource

  • Review soil profile maps to chart the water holding capacity and infiltration rates of the various soil types
  • Assist in the evaluation of irrigation design and installations
  • Work with field supervisors to participate in the ADR/DR incentive program to shut off participating electric pumps during PG&E’s Energy Curtailment Events

Requirements for the position:

  • Reliable transportation to and from work
  • I-9 work authorization documents upon hire
  • Not a requirement but a plus: Spanish Speaker

How to Apply: Email Cover Letters & Resumes to: or Apply Online at

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: None

About Capay Farms

Capay Farms was established in 2011 as the orchard management organization for Violich Farms (founded in 1987). Over the past three decades, Violich Farms has become one of the largest growers of almonds and walnuts in the United States. Today, Capay Farms operates approximately 12,000 acres of company-owned, and leased land, and the land of several local farmers. The main office of Capay Farms is located just North of Hamilton City outside of Chico, CA. Capay Farms manages orchards in Glenn, Butte and Tehama counties.