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A. Responsible for facility linens:
1. Operates facility washer and dryer according to manufacturer’s recommendations.
2. Provide clean and sanitary linens to nursing stations and dietary in good condition.
3. Collects and sorts soiled linens according to procedure and practicing proper infection control measures.
4. Washes soiled linens according to procedure.
5. Dries, sorts, folds, and stores clean linens on carts according to procedure.
6. Delivers clean linens on proper carts to linen closets located on each nursing station. Linens are to be covered while being transported throughout the facility.

B. Responsible for resident clothing:
1. Collects and sorts resident laundry designated to be cleaned by the facility.
2. Ensures that resident name is labelled inside each piece of clothing during sorting procedure. Clothing that is not labelled should be labelled prior to placing in washing machine.
3. Washes, dries, sorts and folds resident clothing.
4. Delivers resident clothing to the appropriate resident according to labelled items.
5. Resident clothing that is not labelled should be referred to nursing stations and social services to assist in locating the correct resident.
6. Items not claimed by a resident are to be stored in the Lost & Found closet.

C. Safety and Sanitation:
a. Comply with established safety precautions at all time.
b. Report necessary repairs of laundry room equipment to the Director of Environmental Services immediately.
c. Report repairs to resident clothing to Director of Environmental Services.
d. Use only approved cleaning products and supplies in a safe manner according to manufacturer’s recommendations.
e. Knowledge of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and where they are located
f. Knowledge of all emergency/safety procedures

D. Other Duties:
1. Adherence to all corporate/facility policies and procedures.
2. Attends other meetings as scheduled.
3. Attend in-services provided by facility.
4. Other duties as assigned by Director of Environmental Services.

E. Customer Service:
1. Establish and maintain positive interactions with internal and external customers, including residents, families, co-workers, vendors and other associates.

F. Physical and Sensory Requirements:
1. Must be able to move intermittently throughout the workday.
2. Must be able to read and write the English language in an understandable manner.
3. Must be able to cope with the mental and emotional stress of the position.
4. Must possess sight/hearing senses or use of prosthetics that will enable these senses to function adequately so that the requirements of the position can be fully met.
5. Must function independently, have flexibility, personal integrity, and the ability to work effectively with residents, personnel and support agencies.
6. Must be in good health and demonstrate emotional stability.
7. Must be able to relate to and work with ill, disabled, elderly, emotionally upset and at times hostile people within the facility.
8. May be required to lift, carry, push, pull and move office equipment, supplies, etc., in excess of fifty (50) pounds.
9. Must be able to assist in the evacuation of residents.

How to Apply: Send resumes to with “CA Park Laundry Aide” in subject line.

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: None
Driver's License Required: No
Minimum Hourly Wage: $15.00
Accessible by Public Transportation: Yes