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Reports To:   Infection Preventionist

Employee Type:             EXEMPT               X    NON-EXEMPT


The Employee Health Nurse (EHN) endeavors to promote health and safety to all employees by facilitating an Employee Health Program which includes disease detection, prevention, and treatment; following up employee illnesses and injuries; conducting employee health screenings; and promoting a safe work environment. The EHN also supports the Infection Preventionist (IP).

This position description is intended to identify some of the duties and responsibilities of this position. Mayers Memorial Hospital District reserves the right to modify, supplement, delete or augment the duties and responsibilities specified in this position description, at MAYERS MEMORIAL HOSPITAL DISTRICT’S sole and absolute discretion.


Graduate of an accredited school of nursing with current California Licensure as a Licensed Vocational Nurse.
At least two to five years’ experience as a staff nurse is preferred.
Experience in planning, implementing, and evaluating educational programs in the field of nursing is preferred.
Broad general knowledge of principals of nursing care.

General Competencies:

Professional behavior is demonstrated always, both when on duty and as a representative of the hospital outside of normal work hours.
A positive working relationship with patients, visitors, and facility staff is demonstrated. Respectful to managers and supervisors.
Organizational ability and time management is demonstrated.
Produces deliverable products on time and with minimal direction.
Demonstrates the ability to compile and organize data using Microsoft Office Applications.  Ability to make appropriate recommendations or conclusions, given the data obtained.
Maintains an organized set of records that are readily available upon request.
Communicates appropriately, respectfully, and clearly to directors, managers, and coworkers.
Performs all assigned tasks accurately.
Accepts direction as provided, within the chain of command.
Demonstrates ability to effectively use computer systems and office machines in the performance of job functions.
Answers phone calls, assists the public, and forwards appropriately, if necessary, in a professional and friendly manner.
Other duties as assigned.
Specific Competencies:

Collaborates with Human Resources to ensure completion and tracking of all employee health screenings annual and upon hire.
Conducts surveillance and follow-up of employee exposures to communicable diseases.
Provides concise data and tracking of all exposures.
Plans, implements and conducts annual Flu Vaccine Program.
Plans and implements other employee vaccine programs as directed by the CDC and other regulatory agencies.
Demonstrate understanding of OSHA standards as they relate to healthcare facilities.
Ensures OSHA standards are met, including those related to respiratory protection and blood-borne pathogens. These include, but are not limited to:Plans, implements and conducts on-hire and annual blood borne pathogen training to employees in required departments.
The provision of Hepatitis B vaccine series, as indicated.
Follows up with employee exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials.
Plans, implements and conducts on-hire and annual fit-testing and respiratory protection training to employees in required departments.
Maintains all OSHA-required documentation in an organized manner.
Tracks and trends exposure events; works with leadership to implement appropriate interventions if concerns identified.
Ensures completion and tracking of TB screening for all new employees, all other employees, and volunteers according to the Hospital TB control plan and/or at least annually. Conducts follow-up skin testing for all employee TB exposures.
Maintains employee health records.
Participates as an active member of the Infection Prevention Committee and attends other meetings as appropriate.
Conducts new employee orientation in Infection Prevention/Employee Health as needed.
Supports HR with initial assessment of employee injuries and assures the proper referrals are made with Workers Compensation physician practice.
Supports HR in maintaining summaries and written reports required for employee illness/injury reporting; trends same to identify safety and health issues.
Supports the infection prevention program, under the direction of the IP. This may include audits, data collection, staff education, or other tasks.
Other duties as assigned.

Willingness to work beyond normal working hours, and in other positions temporarily when necessary.
Is involved with personnel, visitors, and government agencies, etc., when necessary.
Must function independently, have personal integrity, have flexibility and the ability to work effectively with other personnel, clients and support agencies.
Appropriate business attire or according to the Nursing Service Dress Code.
Hours are determined based on needs of the department.  Shifts may be eight, ten or twelve hour shifts as agreed upon by the IP and/or the Chief Clinical Officer.  This is a full-time position with some hours scheduled for direct patient care responsibilities.

Sits, stands, bends, lifts, walks and moves intermittently during working hours.
Able to lift 20 lbs.

Minimum Education and Experience

Minimum Months of Experience: 24
Education Required: Vocational Certificate
Driver's License Required: No
Hiring Requirements for This Job:
  • Drug Testing / Screening
  • Background Checks
  • Physical
  • Minimum Hourly Wage: 28.23
    Maximum Hourly Wage: 32.28

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