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Volunteer drivers operate the provided VA Van (a donated 2019 Ford Flex) round trip to Reno every Tuesday and Thursday providing we have a veteran who needs to go and weather permitting. The van leaves the Courthouse Annex at 7 a.m. on the days we travel and returns whenever all the appointments that day are completed. Hours vary and may be a matter of just a few hours or could take up to the entire day. The van transports veterans from the Courthouse Annex to not only the main VA hospital but to the VA specialty clinics in the area as needed. A veteran must be signed up in advance to ride the van and complete our paperwork to become a rider. They must also have a scheduled appointment to travel in the van. Our drivers pick up the riders not only here at the Annex but also on the route to Reno if they are on the way. For example we stop at places such as the Courthouse, the Donut Shop, the Park and Ride at the Blairsden turn off, Dollard’s in Portola, etc. Our drivers main responsibility is making sure all the riders are picked up in a timely manner and safely transported to the hospital or clinic they need to go to, then returned back to wherever we picked them up. They also fuel the van and intermittently take to a Reno car wash. At the VA the drivers are given a meal voucher so while they wait for appointments to be concluded they can rest and have a meal.


This is a job for someone who enjoys helping others particularly veterans who are a diverse group of people. Please note that our riders are sometimes infirm or even in very poor health. Some of the appointments are for simple tasks like picking up eyeglasses. Others are going back and forth for cancer treatment or to be dropped off for more complicated procedures or surgeries. We do not bring back veterans from any treatment that necessitates anesthesia but I assist in helping them make the arrangements necessary to return to Plumas County for a future date in the van if we can accommodate them. Our drivers have to be patient and flexible as at times anything can, will and does happen.  Many of our riders use walkers or canes and need to be assisted in storing these in the van and making them available again once the hospital is reached. We do not transport wheelchair bound veterans our vehicle is not setup for that.

Minimum Education and Experience

Minimum Months of Experience: 0
Education Required: None
Driver's License Required: Yes

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Accessible by Public Transportation: Yes