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Job Title: Nursery Laborer

Job Time Type: Full Time (30 Hours or More)

Job Description: Assist with seed germination, propagation, planting, transplanting, maintaining, and seed harvesting.

-Irrigate, fertilize, weed, prune, planting, and transplanting plants.

-Keep areas clean, sterilize planting pots, utilize the required tools and sterilization of all benches and work-related areas.

-Customer assistance, merchandising, and marketing.

-Function in physical positions such as stooping, bending, turning, twisting, walking, standing, reaching, and squatting for greenhouse/nursery production and operations.

-Be able to work indoors and outdoors in cold, hot, or wet conditions on uneven surfaces.

-Leaf blow, sweep and hose down all concrete surfaces, plant stock benches, propagation benches and transplanting stations, clean cobwebs, greenhouse, and shade house sills, and keep all work areas/stations clean and organized before leaving for the day.

-Set-up and tear down visual nursery stock related displays in front of the shop daily—check water requirements mid-day.

-Merchandising and setting up seasonal and permanent sales area displays.

-Moving/transporting product from the greenhouse and shade house areas to retail areas for sale.

-Pricing—placing waterproof labels or using a grease pen where appropriate—continually searching for items to be repriced due to sun fading or irrigation damage to labels.

Physical requirements: Ability to stand/walk for extended periods of time, lift and carry 50 lbs., bend, squat and walk the 8 acres of nursery grounds Tolerance of an outdoor work environment. Exposure to indoor and outdoor environmental conditions, including extreme temperature fluctuations, rain, dust, allergens, poison oak, insects, and sun exposure.  Availability to work weekend shifts.

Hourly Rate: 15.00 Hour

Job Application Methods Accepted: Via Email

Employer Information:

Deja Vu – Gardens Galore Nursery

5424 Foster Rd

Paradise, CA 95969

Contact: Dean Garbin

Phone: (530) 616-1541

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: None
Minimum Hourly Wage: 15.00