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Under the direction of the Principal or designated certificated staff member, the Paraeducator I
provides educational services to individuals or small groups of students and assists in meeting the
needs of all students including students with special needs and/or behavioral needs. The
Paraeducator I also assists school staff in ensuring the safety and well-being of students during all
aspects of the school day such as crossing the street, noontime eating, and playground activities. This position is 6hrs/day on school days.

Essential Functions:
(Duties include but are not limited to the following):
• Assist the certificated teacher in providing educational support services to individuals or small groups of students.
• Prepare and implement work areas and displays as directed by the certificated staff.
• Assist the certificated teacher in preparing and maintaining a variety of records, files and reports related to student progress.
• Assist with meeting the IEP goals of students; participate in IEP meetings and parent conferences as requested.
• Monitor and control student behavior in accordance with established guidelines and/or behavior plans; restrain aggressive behavior using appropriate techniques.
• Participate in periodic trainings related to the academic achievement of students as well as the language, speech, hearing and behavior therapy programs of students.
• Assist with meeting the special needs for the well-being of physically handicapped students
• Provide necessary physical support such as lifting and positioning as well as the social support to students.
• Provide continuous social prompts for such self-care objectives as independent dressing, eating, and hygiene.
• Provide the behavioral cues for appropriate social behavior.
• Operate instructional, audio-visual, and office equipment, including computers.
• Assist in maintaining the assigned classroom/instructional area in an orderly condition.
• Supervise students for periods of time inside and outside the classroom, in vehicles, in vocational settings, and in the community; may supervise and/or assist in toileting students.
• Determine appropriate disciplinary action in accordance with established guidelines, including written referral to the Principal or designee as necessary.
• Keep detailed and accurate records of student work.
• Provide library assistance through reading, story-telling and other related activities.
• Operate instructional, audio-visual, and office equipment, including computers.
• Perform clerical duties
• Perform basic First Aid and CPR.
• Recognize potential problems and take appropriate action to prevent incidents.
• Mediate disagreements among students.
• Perform other related duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:
Knowledge of:
• Interpersonal relationship skills using tact, patience and courtesy, especially as they relate to students.
• Appropriate classroom, playground and eating area procedures and conduct.
• Established guidelines for dispute resolution and student disciplinary action.
• Oral and written communication skills.
• Basic teaching techniques and practices, including good speech articulation and eye contact.
• Appropriate guidelines for controlling student behavior and techniques for restraining aggressive behavior.
• Proper body mechanics and lifting techniques.
• Simple library procedures, practices and terminology. Basic instructional techniques and practices.
• First Aid/CPR including precautions to prevent exposure to blood borne pathogens.

Ability to:
• Work under direct or indirect supervision of the teacher in and out of the classroom to meet the
educational support needs of all students including those enrolled in a Special Education
• Establish and maintain effective working relationships with students, parents and staff.
• Relate effectively to students who are educationally and/or severely challenged, or who have behavior disorders.
• Implement IEP’s and behavior plans as designed by special education teacher and/or certificated teacher.
• Maintain accurate records and files and prepare reports.
• Perform light clerical duties including the operation of instructional and office equipment.
• Communicate effectively in English both orally and in writing.
• Maintain confidentiality.
• Supervise students during noon-time playground and eating activities.
• Recognize and defuse potential problems and take appropriate action to prevent incidents.
• Follow established guidelines for dispute resolution and student disciplinary action.
• Lift and position students.
• Adhere to professional standards and maintain a calm, caring demeanor.
• Understand and follow oral and written directions.
• Learn the procedures, limitations, and functions of assigned duties.

Working Conditions:
Diversified general education and/or special education classroom settings. May accompany students
between classes, or on the bus. Exposure to abusive behavior from student, which may include
attempted hitting, kicking, spitting, throwing/swinging objects, and display of private body parts.
Outdoor playground areas; indoor and outdoor eating areas. Working in inclement weather.

Physical Requirements:
• Seeing to monitor students during activities, and to read and maintain student records and files.
• Hearing and speaking to exchange information in person and over the telephone and to provide assistance to students.
• Sitting for extended periods of time to work with students, attend meetings, and prepare and maintain records and files.
• Dexterity of arms, hands and fingers to operate specialized equipment or assistive devices, to
Communicate using sign language, to operate instructional and office equipment, including computers, and to perform clerical duties.
• Kneeling, squatting, stooping, bending, lifting, and reaching the arms outward, upward, overhead
above the shoulders and downward to assist students, and to retrieve and store materials and files.
• Walking to move among students and between classrooms.
• Pushing wheelchairs; pushing and pulling of tables and other classroom furnishings.
• Moderate lifting; may assist with heavy lifting.
• Standing, walking and climbing up and down stairs and ramps on a continual basis to monitor
student activities.
• Flexibility of fingers, hands and arms to write or key reports as necessary.
• Light to moderate lifting.

Education and Experience:
Any combination of training, experience and education equivalent to graduation from high school.
Prefer one year of previous experience working with students in an organized setting including
special needs students. Knowledge of behavior management theory and technique is preferred.
Prefer certification in Basic First Aid and CPR.

Minimum Education and Experience

Minimum Months of Experience: 12
Education Required: High School
Minimum Hourly Wage: $15.00