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Part-time: 25 to 30 hours

$18.35 to $27.74 an hour

1. Provides and reinforces instruction to individuals or small groups of students
in a variety of classroom and educational settings; utilizes recommended
methods of instruction and communication modalities to achieve goals and
objectives set forth in the Individual Education Plan (IEP) and/or Common
Core State Standards, who are English proficient, non-English proficient or
limited English proficient within general and special education classrooms as
assigned by supervising administrator or teacher.
2. Performs clerical duties including maintaining records, student data sheets
and records of student progress; prepares a variety of reports including
written legal reports regarding students removed from school for disciplinary
reasons, reports for probation officers, and special incident reports regarding
action and safety of students as necessary.
3. Communicates with teachers, specialists and therapists concerning
strategies, programs and materials to meet student needs; serves as a liaison
for certificated staff and other specialists regarding parent questions and
4. Collaborates with team member to support students’ needs and progress.
5. Follows behavior intervention and support plans with fidelity as directed by
the administrator, school psychologist, and/or behavior intervention specialist.
6. Assists teachers in the instruction and supervision of students with behavior
or emotional problems; observes and manages behavior and interactions of
students according to approved procedures; reports progress regarding
student performance and behavior.
7. Operates office equipment such as but not limited to a copier, fax machine,
computer and laminator as necessary.
8. Assists with the instructional environment including indoor and outdoor; leads
and monitors playground activities and movement education/physical
education; setting up work areas, displays and exhibits, operates audio-visual
equipment and educational training equipment; distributes and collects
materials and supplies; prepares educational materials and corrects student

For further job description details and how to apply:

EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS • High School diploma or equivalent —and— One of the following:

• Completion of 48 college semester units

• Satisfactory completion of an approved Paraeducator test

• Completion of a county approved proficiency test in reading, writing, and mathematics.

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: High School
Accessible by Public Transportation: No