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3-4 hours per evening, 4 days/week Friday to Monday

15-20 hours/ week to include hours outside of movie times as approved by Business Manager

$15 per hour • Maintains an hourly time sheet detailing work for outside of movie hours

Subordinate to Town Hall Theatre Business Manager, ultimately Plumas Arts Executive Director



Outside of movie times

Schedules staff coverage during movie times, adjusts as required

Confirms delivery/arrival of upcoming movie, using tracking number or by calling Deluxe.

Checks that hard drive and decryption keys have arrived and are correct

^ Ingests movie and trailers and makes playlist (Business Manager is involved/apprised)

^ Contacts ACE Projector Techs as needed (Business Manager is involved/apprised)


Opening for each evening show

Opens the theatre for staff to enter

Turns on Projector, Checks play list, Confirms all is ready for showtime

Supervises clerks, Confirms clerks are in place as scheduled, compensates if not

Tally/balance Concession money from night before

Get Concession money ready for that evening

Starts pre-movie programming half hour before showtime/ auditorium lights on half

Opens Box Office half hour before showtime

Serves as Box Office Clerk

^ Changes movie posters on Monday evening/ ^Changes Marquee

Closes Box Office at showtime brings tickets, charge receipts and cash upstairs

Starts per-views at showtime/ auditorium lights still on half

Starts movie after previews are finished/ auditorium lights off


While movie is playing

Monitors that projector is running smoothly, addresses any problems

Collects cash, charge receipts from Concessions clerks, gets it upstairs

Oversees daily cleaning at concessions stand, lobby and bathrooms

Reconciles box office income with ticket numbers, adds figures to box office report

Report preliminary box office grosses to SWIFT after each evening’s showing

Prepare box office paperwork and box office money ready next screening.


Closing after each evening show

Locks up after all patrons have exited

Checks auditorium for popcorn and trash to assess cleaning needs for next showtime

Checks for soda spills, mops them up

Check bathrooms: make sure toilets are not running, put bleach in urinals and flush

Turns off projector, heater, machines, lights


^ Shared Responsibility with Evening Manager, *Outside of movie times

Monitors that all supplies are on hand (provides supply order request to Business Manager)

Checks messages, Updates movie line message, ^Changes Marquee

^* Selects/ Ingests movie and trailers and makes playlist (as relief projectionist)

^* Contacts ACE Projector Techs to address issues as needed

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: High School
Driver's License Required: No
Minimum Hourly Wage: 15.00
Accessible by Public Transportation: No