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Imprint Graphic Solutions is looking for a new addition to their Production team!

Duties include assisting with production in screen printing, embroidery, vinyl, and installations. Other duties as assigned. Our hope is to train someone that can run departments on their own. We will need someone that can handle the heat because screen printing gets pretty hot during the summer. There will also be cleaning involved. Areas can get messy very quickly/easily. Attention to detail is a major must. Something small can be a huge problem very quickly. If this is you, please reach out to apply!

Hourly Wage Range: $15.50-$17 depending on experience

To Apply: Please send resume in PDF and MS Word format to Include “Imprint Production” in the subject line.

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: None
Minimum Hourly Wage: 15.50
Maximum Hourly Wage: 17.00