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Looking for a fresh start in an exciting and rewarding career at a nationally-recognized organization with opportunities for growth? Do you have a passion for working with youth? Boys & Girls Club of Greater Shasta is looking for energetic, passionate, and skilled individuals who love working with youth in grades K-8th in a fun, safe, and active environment.

More than ever, youth need a safe and encouraging support network; meaning that you have the opportunity to make a positive, life-long impact on the lives of the youth we serve. Become a mentor, a coach, or even a superhero. Be the one that they have been waiting for.

Primary Function:  

Under the supervision of the Unit Director, Program Directors are responsible to plan, coordinate and implement activities and programs. A variety of Program Director positions are available, which include: STEM Director, Teen Director, Art Director, Educational Enhancement Director and Sports Director. Each Program Director would be responsible for their specified program area.

Success Factors:  

  • Ability to listen, to have patience, and to create a positive atmosphere with children, parents, school personnel, and other staff

  • Ability to organize groups of up to 20 youth in both play activities and your core programming area

  • Knowledge of child development issues, and conflict resolution and mediation skills

  • Knowing how to allow members to resolve problems, and when it is appropriate for an adult/staff to step in

  • Knowledge of appropriate-age games and extensive knowledge in the specific programming category in which you are applying for (STEM, Art, Sports or Educational Enhancement)

  • The ability to provide guidance in a positive atmosphere for problem-solving with the program assistants/ youth development staff

  • The ability to communicate effectively in written and oral forms

  • The ability to supervise program assistants/youth development staff when necessary

  • The ability to be unbiased in interaction with members

  • The ability to communicate effectively in written and oral forms

Position Responsibilities:  

  • Plan and implement Club programs, which includes program instruction, curriculum development and revision, materials management, and maintaining programming boards (in the areas of either STEM, Art, Sports or Educational Enhancement)

  • Ensure curriculum content is age-appropriate and in alignment with Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s core programs

  • Develop, create, purchase, and maintain program materials

  • Organize special events or activities relating to your Program area

  • Provide leadership to encourage success and improve the Club experience for youth in Club programs

  • Maintain respectful communication with members, parents, school personnel, and other staff at all times

  • Provide on-site supervision of Club members

  • Assess youth outcomes and evaluate the program’s success to monitor program effectiveness through regular reporting which includes youth evaluations, attendance; Club member, parent, and staff survey data and maintain effective systems for tracking and evaluating data

  • Maintain a positive outlook and attitude with youth, and provide constructive feedback on their efforts and progress

  • Adhere to the Boys & Girls Club of  Greater Shasta policies and procedures

  • Assist youth in conflict resolution skills, and how to accept responsibility for their actions

  • Maintain positive discipline and safety procedures at all times

  • Help maintain a clean facility, making sure youth clean up after activities. Never leave a mess after an activity!

  • Provide guidance in problem-solving with the youth development staff

  • Additional duties as assigned by the Unit Director.

Experience / Education Required:  

  • Completion of two years of college, with a preference of study in child development, education, recreation, and sociology or psychology.  Extensive experience in the child development field will be considered as equivalent.

  • At least one year of experience working with groups of children in a supervised setting

  • Preference for work experience with low-income, disadvantaged children

  • Demonstrated experience in planning and implementation of youth programs

Wage / Benefits:  

These are full-time positions that will start at $18-24 per hour based upon experience and qualifications for a maximum of 40 hours a week with full benefits.  Professional development opportunities are available contingent upon funding and approval.

The position requires availability Monday through Friday.

****All applicants must submit a Resume and Cover Letter to be considered for this position. Thank you!

Minimum Education and Experience

Minimum Months of Experience: 12
Education Required: Associate's
Hiring Requirements for This Job:
  • Background Checks
  • Reference Check
  • Minimum Hourly Wage: $18
    Maximum Hourly Wage: $24 per hour based upon experience and qualifications