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$27.17- $36.00 per hour, plus benefits package
Open until filled.
Under direction, plan coordinate and monitor the County Public Health Nursing and community service programs. The major
duties of the job include:
• Assist in the planning, organization, development, monitoring, and evaluation of programs.
• Conducts physical assessments and referrals for treatment, investigates, interviews, and provides follow-up
for clients and the community.
• Conducts inquiries into cases of communicable diseases and provides instructions in their prevention and
care; and oversees and participates in the operation of immunization services.
• Serves as patient advocate to assist patients with attaining health care; coordinates health care between
patients and care providers; and assesses, screens, and provides intervention strategies to high risk
individuals and families.
• Instructs parents on child safety, growth and development; screen for signs of abuse, poor nutrition and
failure to thrive.
• Provides case management to patients with pulmonary tuberculosis which includes coordination with their
physician, monitoring compliance in treatment; screens for contacts to tuberculosis by giving and reading
TB skins tests, providing medications, and education.
• Schedules and participates in patient meetings for special needs children; functions in an outreach and
education capacity by giving presentations to the public on special health concerns such as AIDS or child
health issues.
• Documents treatment provided and medications in patients chart; maintains statistics on a variety of
communicable diseases.
• Teaches prenatal care to expectant mothers.
• Works with community groups on local health issues; provides education counseling and screening for
various communicable diseases.
• Draws blood samples.
• Gathers and assesses statistical data and reports information to appropriate agencies.
• Establish and maintain liaison with representatives of State, Federal, and local agencies and commissions.
• Assists in the dissemination of information about Departmental operations to promote general knowledge
of community social services to the community; interpret local concerns, needs, and objectives to state
officials, and community/political concerns to staff.
• Make public presentations before the Board of Supervisors, professional organizations, or public groups
to provide information on Departmental programs and goals.
• Perform related duties as assigned.
To qualify for this classification, an individual must possess any combination of experience and education that
would likely produce the required knowledge and abilities. A desirable combination is:

Education: Associate’s Degree in Nursing from an accredited college or university and a valid license as a
Registered Nurse issued by the California Board of Registered Nursing; OR: Bachelor’s
Degree in a related field.
Experience: Experience in a Public Health setting is desirable. Background in Early Childhood
Development is preferred.
License: Possession of or ability to obtain a valid California driver’s license.
Application materials will be reviewed, and the best-qualified applicants will be invited to Susanville to
participate in interviews.
An application may be obtained from the Personnel Office at the address listed below or by visiting Lassen
County Personnel at our website at It is your responsibility to provide specific,
accurate, and complete information describing how you meet the minimum qualifications. Qualified
applicants are invited to submit an official Lassen County application to:
Lassen County Personnel Department (530) 251-8320
221 South Roop Street
Susanville, California 96130 Opened: October 14, 2021


Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: Associate's
Driver's License Required: Yes