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Rolling Hills Clinic

Full-Time, Exempt

Native Preference in hiring is given to qualified enrolled members of Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians and Native Americans in accordance with the Indian Preference Act (Title 25, US Code, Section 472 and 473). Applicants claiming Indian Preference must submit verification of Indian certified by tribe of affiliation or other acceptable documentation of Indian heritage

The Registered Nurse is a licensed professional who provides patient care in accordance with the standards, policies and practices of Rolling Hills Clinics. Works closely with other healthcare providers and staff to ensure continuity of care; maintains satisfactory relations with other departments; participates in all phases of education, patient and advocacy, maintenance of records and upgrading policies, procedures and skills of personnel. Assists the Medical Director and other providers in the development and maintenance of standards consistent with the level of care set within the scope of the Nursing Practices Act and maintains standards consistent with the level of care set by Title 22.


  1. Provides the best possible nursing care by planning, organizing and directly the nursing functions of the patients of Rolling Hills Clinics. 2
  2. Creates a working environment that provides growth and job satisfactions of personnel and promotes teamwork and cooperative effort among employees.
  3. Consults and coordinates with health care team members to assess, plan, implement and evaluate patient care plans.
  4. Prepares patients for, and assists with, examinations and treatments as needed. Accurately and promptly implements physician’s orders.
  5. Directs and supervises Medical Assistants, LVNs, Interns, Externs and Students.
  6. Supports and enforces infections control policies and procedures. Maintains safe practices.
  7. Arranges to have needed supplies and equipment on hand and maintains standards of cleanliness and organization within the Medical Clinic area.
  8. Maintains accurate detailed reports and records.
  9. Maintains acceptable standards of patient care.
  10. Nursing Triage of clinic patients, screening and treatments per Rolling Hills Clinics Triage Protocols.
  11. Maintains professional approach with confidentiality.
  12. Meets deadlines of duties and assigned projects in a timely, efficient manner.
  13. Participates in ongoing quality improvement monitoring and activities. Participates in planning changes and improvements.
  14. Assesses the needs of individuals, families and/or communities, including assessment of individuals’ home and/or work environments to identify potential health or safety problems.
  15.  Instructs individuals, families and other groups on topics such as health education, disease prevention and childbirth, and develop health improvement programs.
  16. Works with individuals, groups, and families to plan and implements programs designed to improve the overall health of communities Performs administrative and managerial functions, such as responsibility for staffing, budget, planning, policies and procedures, and long-range goals.
  17. Provides or arranges for training/instruction of personnel, interns, externs or students.
  18. Attends all trainings, meetings and conferences as required including continuing education in order to provide the highest quality of care to the patient population and to maintain a current and active license.
  19. Engages in research activities related to nursing.
  20. Consults with institutions or associations regarding issues and concerns relevant to the practice and profession of nursing.
  21.  Employee Safety: Safely performs all duties; follows required protective protocols to ensure personal safety as well the safety of others.
  22. Must maintain compliance with ergonomic safety standards; be mindful of posture and regularly practice ergonomic stretches.
  23.  Safety: Responsible for ensuring that all duties, responsibilities and operations are performed with the utmost regard for the safety and health of all personnel involved, including themselves.
  24. Safety: Take appropriate corrective actions to address matters pertaining to employee health and safety that have been brought to their attention.
  25. Other duties as assigned by Supervisor.


  1.  A Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, Health Sciences or related field.
  2. An active and non-restricted California licensure with the California Board of Registered Nursing.
  3.  At least five (5) years’ experience as a Registered Nurse.
  4.  A current BLS and CPR certificate.
  5.  A valid and non-restricted California Driver’s license.
  6. Excellent communication and written skills.
  7. Ability to work independently and as part of a multi-disciplinary team.
  8. Ability to work well under pressure analyzes and evaluates individual member’s needs, reach sound conclusions and make appropriate recommendations.
  9. Must be detail oriented and be able to multi-task effectively.
  10. Demonstrate clear knowledge of Rolling Hills Clinic structure, standards, procedures and protocols.
  11. Must have ability to relate and communicate effectively with community interest groups, agencies, and medical facilities that serve the American Indian Community.


Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: None