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JOB SUMMARY: A Registered Nurse, who under the direction of the SNF DON, assumes full
responsibility for the of the SNF during his/her shift. The Weekend Shift RN works closely with
the Skilled Nursing Facility Director of Nursing to coordinate ongoing continuity of care in the
SNF in the absence of the DON. The RN is the one who is responsible for maintaining cost
effective quality care.

QUALIFICATIONS: RN currently licensed in California. B.S.N. preferred, with a minimum of 3-5
years’ experience. Leadership experience desired. Current CPR certification. Evidence of skills
in leadership, objectivity, integrity, initiative, and communication skills. Ability to work
effectively with others. Demonstrates interest in improving knowledge, skills, and techniques
by furthering education, attendance of appropriate in-service programs, workshops, and
independent study.

1. Your location will be in SNF.
2. Will receive call offs, and responsible for finding coverage. If coverage cannot be found
you may be required to work the floor.
3. Keep the SNF DON informed of reportable situations and nursing unit needs.
4. Demonstrate behavior in which actively promotes a harmonious working relationship in
the nursing units and other hospital departments. Demonstrates positive customer
service skills.
5. Demonstrate ability to resolve personnel problems encountered in day-to-day functions
and refers problems to appropriate resources.
6. Participate in nursing and management staff committee work. Maintain high quality of
patient care.
7. Enforce policies and procedures for nursing unit and assist in revising when appropriate.
8. Demonstrate behavior which shows understanding of the organization of the hospital
and the nursing service.
9. Utilize and effective method for disseminating general information written policies and
procedures to those under his/her supervision.
10. Analyze and evaluate nursing care provided to the unit under his/her supervision and
make recommendations for improvement,
11. Evaluate and assist in preparing Nursing Care Plans.
12. Support and participate in staff development programs.
13. Respond and assist with all hospital “Codes”.
14. Follow all general and departmental safety, security, and health procedures and policies.
Utilize all safe work practices recommended for department.
15. Responsible for the safety of department staff.
16. Orient new employees to hazardous materials, safety and proper use of equipment.
Whenever new substances, processes, equipment, or procedures are introduced,
provide proper information and orientation.

1. Provide direct nursing care according to accepted standards of care and in accordance
with hospital policies and procedures.
2. Plan, provide and evaluate nursing care recognizing and interpreting symptoms,
reporting patient’s conditions, and instituting remedial measures in adverse developments.
3. Complete nursing assessment on new patients.
4. Implement teaching with patients and families consistent with the medical regime.
5. Maintain and update the care plan according the changing needs of the patient.
6. Recognize, report, and record any change in conditions or behavior of the patients.
7. Make regular rounds on assigned patients.
8. Give concise pertinent. And accurate reports on patients.
9. Act as preceptor for new employees and report progress to the SNF DON.
10. Accurately communicate in writing through utilization of appropriate charting method,
patient care summary, and proper transcription of medical orders.
11. Follow procedures regarding incidents and accidents.
12. Complete and document narcotic count as required.
13. Safely and accurately administer medications,
14. Make assignments according to the needs of the patients and the staff.
15. Direct the care of patients assigned to nursing staff.
16. Identify unit problems and follow proper channels for solution.
17. Establish therapeutic rapport with patients, families, and visitors- respecting patients’
rights to privacy and CONFIDENTIALITY of information.
18. Communicate pertinent information regarding patients at shift reports.
19. Recognize and respond to priorities in the patient care process and adapt to changes in

1. Provide proper notification for absences and tardiness and is punctual at start of shift.
2. Observe hospital dress code and wear identification badge.
3. Maintain a clean and safe environment for patients and other nursing staff.
4. Demonstrate understanding of emergency/disaster situations and response plans.
5. Assist in maintaining equipment assigned to patient care and report malfunctioning
equipment to the appropriate personnel.
6. Attend mandatory meetings and in-services.
7. Observe safety precautions.
8. Perform other duties as assigned.

Conducts the Districts business in an ethical and lawful manner, and is willing to report any
knowledge of real or potential fraud or abuse according to the district policy.
See attached.

To apply electronically, please download the application and save it to your computer. Open the file and select “Fill & Sign” from the options on the right. Email your completed application to the email below for Human Resources.

You can also print and fill out the application. When finished fax or bring to the SHD Admin office: 199 Reynolds Road, Chester, CA 96020

Contact Human Resources

James Kooyman
PH: 530.258.2159
FAX: 530.258.4248


Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: Bachelor's
Driver's License Required: Yes
Hiring Requirements for this Job:
  • Drug Testing / Screening
  • Background Checks
  • Reference Check
  • Accessible by Public Transportation: No
    Salary Range: DOE