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Job Type: Occasional (during extreme cold weather days/nights only)

Pay rate: $23 per hour for 3:30 pm-12:00 pm shift; $25 per hour for 12:00 pm-8:00 am shift

Send resume/application to: 

Or call: (530) 263-2764

This position is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of all participants, staff, volunteers and property at the Sierra Roots overnight cold weather shelter. The primary responsibility is to detect, deter, and report all incidents. In addition, this position participates in community outreach efforts with neighbors immediately surrounding the shelter site. Shifts may occasionally be scheduled with less than 24 hours advance notice due to extreme cold weather forecasts.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

  • Interact with participants and maintain good Monitor participants’ behavior. Encourage participants to comply with policies and procedures.
  • Observe surroundings and participants for signs of crime or disorder, immediately investigate disturbances or concerns, and take action to resolve, either independently or with other staff/volunteers, in order to maintain safety and order inside and outside the shelter
  • Complete logs, incident reports and all other required documentation
  • Communicate the general rules of the shelter to the public and participants
  • Search participant’s personal items brought into the shelter to detect weapons, drugs, and/or alcohol
  • Make half hourly rounds throughout the facility and building perimeter
  • Use de-escalation skills to resolve potential crisis situations and document all such situations and interventions
  • Escort any shelter participants off the shelter property who are asked to leave for any reason
  • Act as Shelter Manager-designee during times the Shelter Manager is not on-site
  • Perform first aid or CPR, including administration of Naloxone (Narcan) for narcotic overdose when necessary
  • Provide duties to evacuate of the building when necessary, utilizing emergency procedures
  • Make calls to 911 when appropriate; make in-person reports to first responders when necessary
  • Clean up spills or assist with other cleaning tasks occasionally when needed
  • Perform other tasks as assigned


  • Ability to effectively interact with individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, including chronically homeless individuals
  • Prior security-related experience desirable
  • Ability to learn and follow Sierra Roots’ Policies and Procedures
  • Ability to learn public safety and security procedures/protocols
  • Surveillance skills and detail orientation
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • High school diploma or GED
  • Must pass criminal background check
  • Must have access to transportation to shelter site during wintry weather conditions

Essential Physical and Mental Functions: 

  • Stand or walk for extended periods on hard surfaces
  • Climb stairs occasionally during shift
  • Occasionally bend/twist at waist/knees/neck to perform various duties
  • Run if needed
  • Constant use of both hands and arms in reaching/handling/gasping/fingering while searching bags, using phone, notepad, writing reports, and other administrative tasks
  • Constant use of eyes (correctable vision to normal level required) to observe, read, interact with public and co-workers; includes hand/eye coordination
  • Constant mental alertness and attention to detail required while setting priorities and following up on assignments
  • Read, write, understand and clearly speak English; constantly use speech and hearing (correctable to normal level required) in communicating with participants/public/co-workers, giving and receiving instructions, using phones
  • Must possess effective written and oral communication and interpersonal skills with ability to deal with participants, volunteers, staff and the general public in a professional and effective manner; must be able to use initiative and independent judgment within established guidelines
  • Must be able to prepare reports and logs in neat, legible handwriting
  • Must be able to handle pressure of working with a high volume of homeless individuals within the confines of an overnight cold weather shelter

Send resume/application to:

Minimum Education and Experience

Education Required: None
Driver's License Required: Yes
Minimum Hourly Wage: 23.00
Maximum Hourly Wage: 25.00

About Sierra Roots

Sierra Roots takes a relationship-based approach in our work with homeless people. We are dedicated to listening to homeless people and collaborating with them to make progress in their health, self-reliance, and action plans for secure, safe homes.

Accessible by Public Transportation: No